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I am pondering the phenomenon that are fabric scraps. At present I have three on-going scrap projects. The wonder is that my scrap bins are not emptying! What is it with scraps? Has anyone ever run out of scraps?

I completed the February colour challenge for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge in good time. I found plenty of orange scraps but having cut them up and then stitched the 2½” squares together I can see that they are all of a similar value so there’s not much depth or variation to these orange blocks. Hey! Ho! The key thing, on the 29th of February, is that they are made and I’m ready to fish out teal scraps for the March challenge…

The coloured fabrics in my Dear Dottie fabrics are all from my scrap and stash bins. I did have to buy four fat quarters of low volume fabrics to boost my dwindling stash…

Left to right: Rainbow Scrap Challenge blocks, Dear Dottie blocks and a selection of leader/ender Scrap Vortex blocks

The leader/ender Scrap Vortex block collection continues to grow…. But, so it seems, do the scraps!

I’ve been inspired by so many of the blogs I’ve read this week that it’s been hard to keep the links list under control! I hope you’ll find plenty of interest too:

Could you resist cute little penguin faces peeping out from the edge of a table topper? Sue and Rosanne at Home Sewn By Us have created just such a table topper and have provided the templates to download.

Rachel Singleton is a talented fibre artist. She often uses a mix of machine and hand stitching as well as a whole load of other techniques in her pieces and she is inspired by nature or the effects nature has on man made objects. In a thought provoking post she explores the role of intention and play in creativity.

Patty at Elm Street Quilts is hosting a Hand Piecing Quilt Along. The pattern is released on 2nd March. In the meantime she has published a really helpful post all about the basic sewing tools needed along with links to hand piecing tutorials.

I thoroughly enjoyed reading Linda’s account of her trip to Quilt Con. She records meeting up with old friends from the quilt industry as well as sharing photos of some of the quilts that caught her eye – I especially like the monochrome quilt by the Tulsa (Oklahoma) MQG depicting a day in a life of a quilter 😀

Patty was one of the volunteers at Quilt Con 2020. Her post just oozes enthusiasm for the event. She has chosen some wonderful quilts to share with her readers alongside some photos of her with a few of the patchwork quilting ‘stars’ she met at the show.

I’m not one for joining in with creative challenges (apart from the Rainbow Scrap Challenge!) but I enjoyed reading how Cindy tackled the challenge to develop a patchwork block incorporating triangles in two sizes. Cindy’s completed table topper is an eye-catching product of the challenge process.

Christina Cameli is launching (he!he) her first fabric line called ‘Moongate’. The Moongate fabrics work alongside a collection of eight Horizon Ombre fabrics and Christina is publishing four modern quilt design patterns to accompany the fabrics. I wonder if the fabrics will make their way to the UK? Here’s hoping 🙂

Linking with Cynthia at Quilting is More Fun than Housework for Oh! Scrap – it’s good to see how other patchwork quilters deal with their scraps!

Happy Stitching!




2 thoughts on “Saturday Quilting Bring and Share (96)

  1. One does find out what one prefers when using up a scrap stash; for example, the little amount of varied orange that you have. Ha, ha!
    You say you are not one for challenges, but challenges is just another name for growth, and you are choosing to grow by exploring color (something we all need). I used to care for an elderly woman who loved pink. She knew that I did not, and she opened my eyes to sunrises and sunsets and other ways, that without pink, would not be so beautiful. I still don’t wear pink, but I definitely see the importance of it in my creativity! 🙂

    • Hi! Laura. You are right – growing my knowledge and experience of using colour is a form of challenge.
      The sort of challenges that don’t appeal to me are the prescriptive ones, like ‘Use this photograph to create a 12×18″ wall hanging using 3 colours and 15 buttons’! I’m always amazed at what people create using this sort of guideline (my example is a bit silly but I hope you know the kind of thing I mean?) but I find these kind of restrictions more crushing than stimulating.


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