Quilter’s Color Quest: 2. Seasons

Quilter's color quest.pngHum! Seasonal colours… Should be pretty obvs, right? Not to me, partly through trying this exercise right after lock-down was announced when my mind was distracted by the conflicts between ‘old normal’ and ‘new reality’ and partly ‘cos I do find playing with colour just plain hard! Which is, of course, why I am working through these Quilter’s Color Quest challenges.

As I started shuffling through the swatches from Rachel Hauser’s book, ‘Quilter’s Field Guide to Color’, I found myself going all indecisive: a season may have a color palette but that surely varies with the weather conditions and time of day? For instance my initial picks for Spring were very much coloured (ha!ha!) by the bright sunny weather we enjoyed most of last week: Bright blue sky, bright yellow daffodils, deep purple crocus, lush green grass… Not the softer pastel colours I’ve learned to associate with Spring. And that’s another thing! What about our learned expectations of seasonal colour? Deep greens and berry reds initially came to my mind when thinking, ‘Winter = Christmas’ but then my thoughts went to the beautiful, subtle colours of a Winter dawn: pale peachy-pink skies, frosty landscapes, a bit of mist…

Anyway! Above is my pick of color swatches for each season: the challenge was to pick a blue, a pink, a green, a neutral, a yellow, a purple, a red and an orange for each of the seasons. You can probably tell I was in a bit of trouble!

I felt happier using a few of my swatches from each season to chose fabrics for the Bear Paw blocks. Some of the fabrics are not perfect matches but I think they are fair representations of the colours I had in mind.

Still not sure anyone would instantly be able to differentiate between my Spring and Summer Bear Paws but hopefully the Autumn and Winter blocks speak for themselves 🙂 The Winter Bear Paw is my favourite.

My Word for 2020 icon by Allison ReidThe next Quilter’s Color Quest challenge involves colour and emotion. I’m already feeling tense :-O I am definitely exercising my word of the year, GROW, with this project!

Linking with Susan and friends for Midweek Makers and I’ll post photos of my seasonal Bear Paw blocks on Instagram @allisonreid.neweverymorning using the hashtags #quilterscolorquest and #stitchedincolor and #quiltersfieldguidetocolor 🙂


6 thoughts on “Quilter’s Color Quest: 2. Seasons

  1. We feel comfortable with the colors that we like the most. The growth comes when playing with colors that are outside of our comfort zone. When I look at my fabric stash, it is pretty obvious what colors make me happy. I am forcing myself to acquire pinks. I have never been a fan of pink. But that attitude is changing. There is a lot in nature that wouldn’t be beautiful without the pink! My version of spring colors is certainly different from yours, but that doesn’t mean that mine is the ‘right’ version. We are unique, and we need each other’s uniqueness! We need each other’s perspectives! How boring the sunrises and sunsets if they were colored the same every day. We would no longer notice them! 🙂

    • Thanks for sharing these thoughtful insights. There is a whole objective science of colour but it is interesting that our perceptions of colours is so subjective.You don’t feel comfortable with pinks, for me it’s purple and lilacs. My daughter loves purple – the second quilt I made was for her and it had to feature purple fabrics but I’ve pretty much been avoiding the colour ever since! It will do me good to appreciate the worth of using a wider range of colours to develop my patchwork design skills.

  2. This is an interesting experiment – if I had time, I’d try it out. As for color and emotion, I’d think I’d have an easier time with that one, and can’t wait to see what you do.

    • Thanks for taking a look at my post Susan. I wonder how you associate colours with emotions. I think I tend to go with learned responses like putting red with anger after the phrase ‘seeing red’… but then red is the traditional colour of love hearts too… Lots to think about!


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