Preparing course notes and hearing a challenge

This weekend’s been filled with a mix of activities all done to the backdrop of the tentative arrival of Spring.  Wall to wall sunshine yesterday had lots of people getting out and about, sorting and tidying.  We began the task of clearing our garage in readiness for it being converted into a hobby/guestroom 🙂  The back of the car quickly filled with the ‘it might come in handy’ items … Read more

New fabrics :-) and the rise of the Red Kite

We were up and about early on Saturday morning so as to fit in a trip to the time-warp town of Wallingford in the south of Oxfordshire.   It really is a quaint place with old fashioned wooden fronted shops facing a central ‘square’ that contains a church and several old civic buildings.  One of the larger shops just happens to be the home of Village Fabrics!  I spent … Read more