Wondering about colour attraction…

Autumn is my favourite season.  The main reason for this choice: the colours.  But what attracts each of us to some colours and away from others?  Psychologists seem to think it’s a bit of nature, a bit of nurture.  Perhaps colours that indicate health and vitality will attract us more than those associated with rotting or unclean things.  In his article posted on the Psychology Today website R. Douglas … Read more

The Bloggers’ Quilt Festival – an online exhibition

I’ve just stumbled upon The Bloggers Quilt Festival at www.amyscreativeside.com via another blog I’ve been following, www.jenniesthreads.blogspot.co.uk .   Hosted and organised by blogger and author, Amy Ellis, the online festival has been held twice a year since 2009.  There are a variety of categories and quilts are submitted via blogs. Viewers then have the opportunity to click on the photos to discover more about a quilt and it’s … Read more