Free Motion Quilting – Growing Skills

Ho! Hum! My word for 2020 is GROW. This week I have been experiencing GROWing pains! 😀

The Log Cabin quilt ‘beached’ on my sewing table while I worried about free motion quilting feathers…

It’s my on-going battle with developing Free Motion Quilting skills vs. Perfectionism! Of course it is impossible to become a skillful crafter without tons of practice and the production of less-than perfect quilts along the way. Even so, I do find it difficult to accept that the beautiful plump feather wreath in my head will not appear in such a shapely form on my quilt! But thanks to some encouraging messages on Instagram I have persevered with adding free motion quilting to my more traditional looking Log Cabin quilt.

The feather wreath conveniently lost in the patterned fabrics 😉
I quilted feather plumes in the corner blocks.
The corner feather plume seen on the back of the quilt.

Phew! I think I will switch back to the walking foot for the rest of the quilting. I know it sounds silly but my tension levels were rising as I stitched out these feathers. That’s enough GROWing for one week! I’ll make the binding but won’t attach it just yet as it will be an ideal demonstration piece for the final lesson of the Beginners Course I’m currently teaching at Purple Stitches.

My frustration with FMQ has been compounded by my household companion, Alexa, refusing to connect to our new wifi box. Ah! First World problems eh? I guess it’s all part of the process of me GROWing my resilience muscle! I had been enjoying listening to an unabridged audio recording of Bleak House by Charles Dickens (well! Charles isn’t actually reading it, but you know what I mean :-D). So I shall have to summon up some patience for an Amazon helpline chat *sigh*

How do you overcome the ‘growing skills vs desire for perfection’ battle?

Linking with Kelly at My Quilt Infatuation for Needle & Thread Thursday. Kelly has been quilting too and she found that after a bit of a break it’s like riding a bike!



2 thoughts on “Free Motion Quilting – Growing Skills

  1. Hmmmm…how do I overcome? Apparently, when it comes to feather quilting, I run and hide. Feathers terrify me! My emotional tension is high to begin with whenever I think I’ll try feathers, and I generally switch to some other idea. I guess that confession doesn’t help you! But your feathers are looking great, Allison! No need to hide them in the prints! 🙂

    • Ha!Ha! Maybe feathers aren’t your thing Laura but you create beautiful custom quilting on your quilts. Sometimes I think my problem with FMQ on a domestic machine is that I too often compare it with quilting done on a long arm. It is difficult to produce a large scale pattern on a DM because it’s only possible to view a very small section of the quilt at any one time.


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