Step Away From the Sewing Machine!

Do you ever approach sewing with a sense of foreboding? Thankfully not too often or maybe never? This afternoon I did enter my sewing room with nagging doubts about the wisdom of continuing to quilt one of the little quilts from the big UFO. I told myself such doubts were due to feeling a trifle tired after a busy morning plus my usual apprehension re. free motion quilting.

I fought the nagging niggles, took a deep breath and sat down at my sewing machine. I slowly and carefully made the adjustments required: stitch length switched to zero, feed dogs down, presser foot pressure dialed down, speed regulator at medium, fmq foot fitted securely.

Thankfully I did opt to begin with a warm up using a practice sandwich… Within a few stitches BAM! the needle had broken! That did nothing to quell the creeping feeling of dread! Hey! Ho! Replace the needle, stitch s-l-o-w-l-y watching for a fault. I couldn’t create smooth curves and closer inspection showed that some of the stitches weren’t catching the bobbin thread. Time to get the manual off the shelf and double-check I’d set up the machine correctly. Yes! I had but still the stitches were skipping.

Back to basics, re-thread and start again. It was then I discovered an ‘operator error’ (that would be me!). For some reason I’d inserted the bobbin in the bobbin case with the thread running anti-clockwise instead of clockwise! Doh! Silly me!

Surely now me and Julie the Juki could get on with improving our fmq skills? Well! No! Still skipping stitches! *SIGH*

Time to step away from the machine. Maybe I should have listened to that sense of foreboding in the first place and opted for a different occupation this afternoon?

When I do go back I have a couple more options to try: first change to a bigger needle (I’m set up with 50wt thread and a 75/11 quilting needle), if that doesn’t work then I’ll have twiddle the tension dial.

Sorry this is a rather down-beat post, but it wouldn’t do to give the impression that every sewing session goes according to plan would it?

Anyway a frustrating session with my sewing machine is put in perspective by news of the terrible dangers and damage created by Hurricane Laura. I’m sure quilters across the region will already be rallying to give aid and bring comfort through their craft.


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