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We are home after a planned but nevertheless unexpected holiday. The changes to the social distancing restrictions here in England came at just the right time for us to take up our booked holiday-let AND share it with other members of our family 🙂 We so enjoyed being together in the varied and always beautiful surroundings of the Peak District National Park.

View back to the top of Win Hill – our final and steepest walk of the holiday.

Asides from the walks and family time (watching hi-lights of recent Olympic Games was a favourite shared occupation!) I did settle to a hand turn applique project. It’s no where near finished but that’s OK: I’m happy to have a hand stitching project to pick up; I’m gaining from the process of learning more about the technique; and I’m practising my rookie skills.

I’ve treated myself to a book, the Best Ever Applique Sampler by Becky Goldsmith & Linda Jenkins – thanks for the recommendation, Laura! It is packed full of techniques and tips 🙂 as well as full size pattern sheets.

I think it will be my go-to resource whenever I’m looking for applique guidance or remedies… Like how to make this little yellow ‘circle’ round… My attempts at stitching and then pulling the edges tight around a paper circle have resulted in a series of ugly bumps rather than a smooth edged circle ready to stitch in place. I definitely need to study this page of the book before attempting to recreate and add this circular piece to my Basket of Blooms applique.

This weekend I am switching from slow hand stitching to a bit of production line face mask making. I’ve finally had to relent in the light of changing UK Government guidelines. For some time in England face coverings have been mandatory when using public transport or visiting hospitals. From next Friday we will be required to wear face coverings in shops and supermarkets. Yesterday I visited Purple Stitches, bought 3m of soft, coated elastic and a trio of fat quarters – one pretty, one conservative and one funky! 🙂

Pretty, conservative and funky fat quarters with my first face mask.

Well! I I have trialed three mask designs. The first (the beige spot one above) was recommended by Sharon as a design that keeps the fabric away from the mouth and nose making the mask more ‘breathable’. It has an opening to insert a filter if required and does sit away from the mouth and nose. But I found the straight edges along the top were rising to close to my eyes.

Next I scrolled down the YouTube listings to another ‘breathable mask’ tutorial. This design has pleats and again sits comfortably away from mouth and nose. I found this style relatively straightforward to make and a better fit than the first mask.

The mask wasn’t a good fit for my husband though, it was slipping off his nose whenever he spoke. I set to and created a larger template – starting with a 15cm X 18cm piece of card rather than the previous 14cm x 16cm. Those extra 2cm between nose and chin did the trick. Making this second version of the mask gave me an opportunity to try the design variation that leaves the sides of the mask open so a filter can be placed between the two fabric layers. This is the mask pattern I’m going to stick with (for this weekend at least!). I’m not planning to make vast numbers of face masks – as someone else has pointed out, ‘elastic is the new loo roll’ so availability of the stretchy stuff could prove to be a limiting factor anyway.

There are so many face mask patterns and tutorials available. I wonder if you have made masks, if so, would you recommend a particular pattern for those, like me, who are a bit behind the game?

Now to this weeks links to the Worldwide Quilting Community – hope you enjoy burrowing down a few rabbit holes 😉 :

I wonder why other quilters sewing rooms are so fascinating? If having rulers squirreled away in different parts of your spacing space is hampering your quilt making progress it would be worth taking a look at Sherri’s method for gathering together and organising rulers.

Cheryl Brickey’s latest quilt design, Lattice Vines, looks very modern in a bold colourway but has the symmetry of a more traditional quilt – very striking.

Many, many times it is true to say, ‘simple is best’. Izzy has completed a baby quilt on this principle and it’s a great showcase for the fabrics she has used. I really like her color combo of aqua and rusty orange on a light grey background.

Linda has made a lovely quilt from a rainbow of scraps. I especially like her use of a black and white stripe fabric as the ‘background’. The quilt has a pieced back 🙂 and Linda used a walking foot to stitch spiral and straight line quilting designs.

Many organisations are shifting events from physical venues to on-line experiences. One such is the Modern Quilt Guild’s ‘QuiltCon’. The event is scheduled for February 2021 and it’s possible for Guild members to enroll for classes now (non-members from 3rd August). Yvonne Fuchs is booked to run three classes and she shares some information about each in her blog post.

Linking with Alycia for Finished or Not Friday. Alycia has been busy quilting (and binding) for clients.

Happy Stitching!


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