Saturday Quilting Bring and Share (104)

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Excitement reigns in my sewing room! I have a new machine: she’s Julie the Juki, my dream sewing machine. She has settled into my portable Sewezi drop-bed table with a brand new perspex insert specially cut for her. Julie and I are getting acquainted.

I am keeping the sewing machine manual close to hand!

Julie definitely has an industrial strength quality to her with her metal body and hyper-speed capabilities. For the moment I have set the speed control halfway between the tortoise and the hare… I haven’t quite got my eye-in to produce consistent scant ¼” seams. The Juki ¼” foot produces spot-on ¼” seams which are just a bit too wide for me, I generally aim for a scant quarter inch. So I’m using the standard foot instead but this looks so narrow compared to the standard foot on my Pfaff machine.

On the left a Pfaff standard foot, to the right the Juki standard foot.

It’s difficult to keep my eye on the foot (and my fingers out the way of the needle!), the ¼” line guide on the plate and my fabric. I’m sure in time Julie and I will be able to work through these issues and establish a solid friendship grounded on perfect seams  🙂 🙂

The light blue blocks of the Rainbow Scrap Challenge were the first to be stitched together by Julie. Not all the seams are matched perfectly and the seam allowances are variable but these blocks provided a handy, stress-free start to sewing with a new machine.


My next project is well beyond my usual remit: taking up the hems on a pair of new(ish) curtains. This will definitely exercise my brain. The curtains are made of a heavy cotton/linen blend and are lined. I think I’ve acted upon the wrong advice by undoing the hems and unpicking the lining part way up the side edges (a very laborious process). I suspect many of you reading this are shaking your heads and wondering what on earth I’ve done? I’ve since read that the more straightforward way to shorten curtains is to work from the top; chop off the header tape and excess fabric and then stitch the header tape back in place. At least having written here that my project is to shorten these curtains (they have been dragging on the floor since we bought them in February!) I know I will be held to account. Ask me the question if I don’t mention the curtains in future posts!

Now on to links into the Worldwide Quilting (not curtain-making) Community:

Beth Shibley has shared a video tutorial showing a quick and easy strip piecing method to make a sixteen patch, square-in-a-square block. A great way to use up left over Width of Fabric strips. See Beth’s finished quilt tops over at her blog ‘Love Laugh Quilt‘.

Leah Day has instructions for making a teeny tiny Log Cabin block. All the strips in her finished block are exactly the right size and perfectly straight – Leah gives a link to her Five Quilt Piecing Tips for Beginners (and, I suggest, frustrated perfectionists!).

Patchwork blocks are fascinating aren’t they? Just a few different pieces can be arranged and rearranged to create a whole host of blocks which can then be put together in numerous different quilt layouts – endless possibilities! Kristie Cook had fun rearranging the units of a block while she was pattern and product testing. I can’t decide which of her blocks I prefer…

Diane has been brightening up her neighbourhood during lockdown by using her porch railing as a gallery for her very own Quarantine Quilt Show. Seeing a different quilt displayed everyday must be a point of interest for anyone out for their daily exercise 🙂

Still got some scrap fabrics lying around? 😀 Alison has produced a tutorial showing how she makes ‘scrap busting blocks’ using ‘rainbow snippets and strings‘.

Cynthia at Quilting is more fun than Housework is making blue blocks for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge too. I’m joining in with her weekly linkup, Oh! Scrap! 🙂

Happy Stitching!


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  1. The last pair of curtains I shortened had a header of double pinched pleats and there was no chance of me dismantling and re-pinching a whole room width of those! Stay with the hems Allison. Tedious but no complications 😉.


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