Saturday Quilting Bring and Share (102)

Welcome to a belated Saturday Quilting Bring & Share! Bring along your projects and share in some of the inspiration being generously published on the web by other members of the Worldwide Quilting Community. Do share your projects or other sources of quilty goodness in the comments box at the bottom of this page.

Happy Easter too! We enjoyed the Archbishop of Canterbury’s Easter Celebration – broadcast from his kitchen table – as well as our own Church Easter Service seen on our home TV via YouTube. As one joker pointed out our Vicar has now become a tele-evangelist (not something he ever aspired to, I’m sure!).

I’ve sorted a little basket of bright and light blue fabrics for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge .

I’ll cut these into 2½” squares to piece as leaders and enders while I pick up the pace on the Dear Dottie blocks. I had a bit of a marathon cutting session yesterday afternoon to prepare all the low volume background concave shapes and cut out the corresponding convex shapes.

Up until now I’ve been making each four unit block one at a time. It’s time to speed up the process with some industrial scale chain piecing! I’m also going to adjust my piecing method and just pin the centres of each convex and concave pair together rather than the much slower method of creasing each of them in three places and using five pins. I don’t think I’ll loose much in the way of accuracy but I feel sure I will gain plenty in terms of productivity 🙂

Not as many inspirational links as usual in this post: Blog reading has taken a back-burner to gardening this week – in the UK you can’t afford to waste a whole week of sunshine, it might be a long wait before such a good spell of gardening weather comes around again! 

A blog post titled ‘I like Big Blooms…’ caught my attention and made me smile. I clicked over to Stephanie’s space and found she has designed a table runner with big bold flowers that made me smile all the more. So effective and in such bright bold colours. I wonder if it will make you stretch those smile muscles too?

I do like quilt blocks that create secondary patterns when they are grouped together. Myra at Busy Hands Quilts has managed to create lots of stars across her latest design, Adeline. She’s also looking to recruit a pattern tester based in the USA…

Michelle shares her system for sorting fabric scraps and gives a heads up about some of the scrap projects she’ll be working on over the next few months.

Fancy trying a variation on the Pinwheel Block? Diane is sharing a free PDF download along with a tutorial detailing the making of her ‘Twirla’ blocks.

Linking with Cynthia for Oh! Scrap! – she is making blue blocks for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge.

Happy Stitching!





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