A sunny day out in the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew

It’s 7.30am, dark grey clouds are scudding across a light grey sky, trees are whipping about in the wind – it’s October, what else would we expect? In complete contrast, yesterday was one of those special, don’t-waste-a-moment-of-the-warm sunshine days that are such a treat this time of year. My lovely parents chose to make the most of the day by taking a trip to the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew. They kindly invited me to join them, I said ‘Yes! Please!’

Palm House, Kew by Allison Reid
Preparing to plant Spring bulbs in the flower beds in front of the Palm House, Kew

Behind the Palm House, Kew by Allison Reid
Behind the Palm House
The Hive, Kew by Allison Reid
The Hive, a light and sound installation linked to a colony of bees. Walk under and look up through the structure, then walk around it and enter into the Hive…

Inside The Hive Kew by Allison Reid


Through The Hive Kew by Allison Reid

The Hive was a great hit with children, running across the glass floor, making buzzing sounds! One little chap gave up on creating a buzzing sound and ‘flew’ around repeating the word ‘bee’ over and over!

Japanese Graden, Kew by Allison Reid
Peace and tranquility at the Japanese Garden, Kew
The Pagoda, Kew by Allison Reid
The freshly restored Pagoda. There be dragons…

Pagoda Dragon, Kew by Allison Reid

The atmosphere in the Gardens was just lovely. People of all ages, from all over the World, relaxing into Autumn and absorbing the wonders around them whilst urban life continued to hum beyond the high walls of these huge gardens.

Plenty of inspirational colours and shapes too!

Autumn Leaves, Kew by Allison Reid

Hope you enjoyed these photos – you will believe me when I say they are only a small selection of the pictures stored on my digital card and in my memory! To find out more about Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew click on this link.


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