A word or two for the New Year

I gave up on making New Year resolutions a long time ago – guaranteed failure is not the way to start a new year!  But … earlier this month I read a post by Melanie McNeil reviewing the effectiveness of her ‘word of the year’ and the idea of a ‘word for 2015’ has been running through my mind ever since.  This is how Melanie introduced her post:

The year my word has been “EXPERIMENT!”  Yes, in all caps and with an exclamation point!  The emphasis is not angry or scolding, but cheering.  To me it is encouragement to try things I haven’t tried before, without expectation of a particular outcome.

Even as I was reading the post my word came to me mind – FINISH – laden with just a touch of irony!  As I am notoriously indecisive I have been unable to choose between this and the second word that came to mind – LEARN – so have opted to use both!  I am going to apply these words to my patchwork and quilting through 2015.

I have not been an effective finisher – it’s that indecisiveness again – so FINISH is a prompt and a challenge! Watch this blog as my ‘works in progress’ and ‘unfinished objects’ come to light!  I know it is possible for me to complete  projects as I rose to a self-imposed challenge of listing one new item in my Folksy store every week through September and October.  I stuck to it and got a taste for finishing along the way!  LEARN comes from a desire to stretch my skills and try new techniques without having the pressure to make a useful item or a a sale-able product.

With those words running through my mind over the holiday I can now reveal my first finish (well sort of) – I read a Jennifer Chiaverini Elm Creek Quilt novel from cover to cover!  Appropriately enough I choose to read ‘The Christmas Quilt’ and thoroughly enjoyed the treat of giving time to reading a novel.  A couple of years ago I read the first five or six of the Elm Creek series and I’m pleased The Christmas Quilt proved a good choice as a re-introduction to the main characters and recurring story lines.  If you haven’t read any of the series than I’d suggest you may have to persevere with the opening book, ‘The Quilter’s Apprentice’, the style of which I found a bit clunky but after that the books are easy, peaceful reads.

And now to my learn of the holiday.  This involved using Carol Doak’s ‘Mastering Foundation Paper Piecing’ class on Craftsy.  This unintentionally also offered me the chance to get fit with a patchwork-piecing form of circuit training!  I had the class up on the computer in one room, my sewing machine set up on the dining table and the iron set up in the kitchen.  Carol Doak’s little mantra for FPP is ‘t-s-p’: trim, sew, press.  I had to add ‘v’ for view and spent my time bobbing up and down from the computer, sewing machine and ironing board like a demented jack-in-the-box!  Thankfully I had the house to myself that afternoon so could trot around muttering to myself as I got into the rhythm of FPP.  Here is my completed ‘Bird of Paradise’ block:

Loving the sharp points!  Should have used a more solid print for the yellow spike.  I'm learning!
Loving the sharp points! Should have used a more solid print for the yellow spike. I’m learning!
Slightly shocked by the pile of off-cuts that accumulate when foundation paper piecing!
Slightly shocked by the pile of off-cuts that accumulate when foundation paper piecing!

I’m planning to learn more as I progress through the class and then apply my new skills to some of the enticing projects I’ve been looking at in one of my Christmas books – Vintage Quilt Revival.

How are you setting yourself up for challenge/success in 2015?

Wishing you a Very happy New Year!


5 thoughts on “A word or two for the New Year

  1. Thanks for your comment on my blog. Making a new years resolution doesn’t even cross my mind anymore ! I like the idea of a word for the year though. Don’t know what my word will be – Focus ??Your first FPP turned out very well ! I recently bought a FPP pattern from Craftsy as well and added a free class.


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