Wimbledon, design wall modifications and a quilt in progress

The skies are blue and the TV is red hot! It’s Wimbledon fortnight and I do so enjoy watching tennis 🙂 I was going to call watching the tournament a ‘distraction’ but, truthfully, I make the choice to put the tennis before other things!
So, this afternoon I gathered jobs to do in front of the Wimbledon TV coverage. Despite it being pretty hot, I reduced the ironing pile before crawling around on the floor making modifications to my design wall! Huh? Wall on the floor? Let me explain: My design wall is a fuzzy backed table protector cloth hanging from an IKEA tension wire. It works very well but recently the cloth has been hanging unevenly, forming quite deep waves which make securing fabrics and blocks to it a bit ‘hit and miss’.

Wavy design wall
The wavy design wall cloth hanging from the IKEA tension wire 

The solution that came to mind was to attach a pole horizontally across the back of the cloth to flatten out the waves. Next problem: how to attach the pole? Tape was a possibility but may not have been reliable and may have left sticky residue on the back of the cloth… It’s taken a few days but finally, whilst doing the ironing and watching the tennis, I had a little brainwave: why not pin a quilt hanging sleeve to the back of the cloth and thread the pole into the sleeve? Ta! Da!
Design wall modificationI found a pole in the shape of a washing line prop but it felt very heavy and I don’t fancy the IKEA fixings being pulled out of the wall! A quick search through the garden shed and I came across a sturdy garden cane just 6″ short of the width of the design wall cloth and much lighter in weight than the washing line pole. I used large safety pins to attach the sleeve to the back of the design wall cloth, then threaded the garden cane into it before rehanging the cloth onto the wire support .
Design wall rehung
You might just be able to see the row of pins showing about a third of the way down the cloth – indicating the position of the quilt hanging sleeve attached tot he back.

As you can see the cloth is hanging a lot flatter, I need to tighten the hanging wire but it’s a bit of Heath-Robinson job and I’m worried the whole lot will fall down! There are limits to my mechanical genius 😀
Anyway, the design wall is a great tool to have in the process of creating a patchwork top. The Candy Diamonds top is progressing (this quilt top emerged from the fabrics and half square triangles left after completing the Candy Hearts quillow). Having looked at it on the (wavy) design wall I decided to make some changes to the design: I tried adding an extra row of HSTs around the edge to complete the diamond shapes. Here are the original and ‘mark 2’ versions of the quilt top on EQ7:

Looking at the amount of fabrics remaining I thought it unlikely I’d have enough to make a really varied, scrappy piano key border so I revised that too, opting for a stripy style border. We shall see… Here is Candy Diamonds on the design wall:
Candy diamonds progress
This weekend a fresh Beginners Class opens at Purple Stitches. I’ve been busy checking through the notes, collecting together fabrics for my demonstration quilt as well as preparing for the second BOM workshop on Tuesday. We are making a rainbow version of the Chocolatier BOM quilt. To test the instructions for each block I’m using much more traditional looking fabrics. I think these may be the start of a table runner…
First 3 of the Chocolatier blocks
Thank you very much for being patient with me as my last blog post took a look away from the quilty side of life, your thoughtful comments were encouraging. I’d like to say ‘thank you’ as well to those of you who have recently signed up to follow this blog 🙂 Just to let you know I love to follow quilty blogs too. Each week I collate the useful and interesting posts I’ve read along with online searches I’ve made onto my ‘Pins of the Week’ Pinterest board. On Tuesday evening these all get shifted to the ‘Last Weeks Pins of the Week’ board and subsequently spread through the rest of my boards. I hope you’ll find this Pinterest collection a useful resource.
Linking with Lorna for Let’s Bee Social – use the link to see her gorgeous foundation paper pieced fox cubs – and with Kelly for Needle and Thread Thursday – check out Kelly’s neat pressing station.

0 thoughts on “Wimbledon, design wall modifications and a quilt in progress

  1. Using the tension wire is a great idea Allison. I have mine hung with Command Strips, but if there is too much weight on the felt, it detaches from the wall. It is very frustrating, let me tell ya. The rod pocket is a great idea too. I like the way it distributes the weight evenly.

    • Thanks Bella. I can’t claim to have come up with the hanging system idea, I saw a photo of a quilt top on a design wall and spotted the wire and thought it was a great solution particularly in a dual purpose room like mine.

  2. Love your design “wall”! I’ve been thinking about what I could use for a design wall & it never occurred to me to use tablecloth lining. Great idea!

  3. Thank you Kristie. The fuzzy side of the table protector works really well. When the room needs to become the guest room I just roll up the design wall and hide it behind the sofa bed! Then I hang a finished quilt from the tension wire as a backdrop to the bed ☺


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