When a day just flows…

It has been a l-o-n-g week and even patchwork has seemed like hard work with pressure mounting to complete the quilt top I’m entering into the Quilts UK show in May. Big smile 😀 yesterday as the entire quilt top was hung on the design wall in one piece *WHEW*! It measures 68″ square and has become quite a handful! I’m going to do a tease and not reveal the completed top just yet – sorry if I cause some irritation but I’d like to wait until the quilt is finished, maybe even until it is hung in the show…

Today is our third blue sky day in a row and the sun is shining on me in more ways than one. Occasionally, just once in a while, a day happens where everything falls into  place, everything flows without being rushed or problematic – I’m really enjoying this ‘flow day’ 🙂  It began with a little chuckle over a ridiculous dream (I was trying to prevent tar getting on the bed clothes while the road was being resurfaced – presumably I should really have been dreaming cars NOT beds?). Dream pushed firmly to the back of my mind, I walked into town, enjoying the morning light and the bird song, to place a parcel in the post – a quilt sold from my Etsy shop :-D; I met my parents for a cup of coffee and a chat in M&S :-); popped into a local locksmiths to get some keys cut – served so well by a young lady who not only cut the keys but also gave some handy advice re. care of barrel locks; then walked home in the, by then, very warm sunshine, dropping a card into the home of our God-daughter who is celebrating her 21st birthday this weekend. IMG_3381Arrived home to find a crew of men very busily resurfacing the road of our street (not a bed or car in sight!) – hot work in that hi-viz garb I’m sure – and hung two loads of washing on the line (after discovering a whole tissue in the washing machine – it hadn’t been shredded into a million little bits!). All before noon! And that’s another thing about today, time seems to have slowed, I keep glancing at my watch and being pleasantly surprised at the time shown rather than thrown by how quickly the day is moving!

A gentle wander around our little garden and I found flower buds emerging among the clumps of bluebell leaves and the peony already throwing up its fat buds. Raising a question: Why are peonies so often covered in black ants? Answer: Don’t really know but the RHS say they don’t do any harm.

My sewing today is centred on my version of the Beginners Quilt by Purple Stitches.

My Beginners Quilt – quilting completed, ready to be squared-up

Tomorrow, in the final of the four classes, I’ll be helping the participants make and attach the binding to their quilts so I’d better have mine ready as the example…

Dashwood Studio's Sweet Escape
Dashwood Studio’s ‘Sweet Escape’. One of the fabrics I used in the Beginners Quilt and my choice for the binding.

I do hope you get to enjoy a day that flows, if not today, then very soon 🙂

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6 thoughts on “When a day just flows…

  1. ‘Peony buds secrete a sap that is rich in carbohydrates, and the ants feed on this substance.’ I love peonies! I have several varieties. The ants are a nuisance, but cause no harm.

    I am lookin’ forward to a day that flows real soon!

    • Thanks for clearing up the peony mystery Laura. We just have space for the one – I’m fascinated by how fast it grows this time of year. Days that flow are very special – I’m glad I wrote about this one, it’s a good way to hold the memory.


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