What’s a patchwork quilt for?

I’m on a bit of a mission!  I think here in the UK the majority of people who don’t make quilts believe that there is only one use for a quilt – a bed cover.  When potential customers have spoken to me about my quilts they are puzzled that many will not cover the full length of a bed. Humm!  This has got me planning a little poster campaign inviting the craft-shop-browsing public to think beyond patchwork quilts as bed covers.

Here are some of of the messages I’ve dreamed up so far:

A quilt is not just for bedtime!

Around this statement I thought I could add some uses for quilts such as; sofa throw,  tv or reading snuggle blanket, storytime shared blanket, comfort blanket, car blanket, picnic rug, playmat, play tent, a boat or a treasure island…  Perhaps I could include some pictures of quilts being used away from a bed – I keep thinking of the numerous patchwork quilts that appear on Monica’s sofas in Friends! Please go ahead and add any other uses for a quilt to the comments below.  Thank you!

What’s in a quilt sandwich?

In answer to this question maybe I could make a board with sample pieces of patchwork, wadding and backing explaining how the quilt stitches hold all the layers together?

Hug a quilt and it will hug you back!

Around this slogan I could add lots of words to describe the benefits of a quilt: comfy; warm; soft; cozy; happy memories; security; familiar; given with love…  If you can add more words and phrases to this list please leave them in a comment, I’d be very grateful!

SONY DSCAll these thoughts have been whizzing round inside my head today as I’ve been quilting the star table runner.  Very glad to be able to announce a finish, just in time to add it to my display in the pop up craft shop when I’m on duty tomorrow afternoon 🙂

Fabrics are from the Barbara Brackman 'Richmond Reds' Moda charm pack.
Fabrics are from the Barbara Brackman ‘Richmond Reds’ Moda charm pack.

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10 thoughts on “What’s a patchwork quilt for?

  1. I love these thoughts and ideas. Quilts have so many uses and functions and are fantastic to incorporate into play and daily life. I remember building many a quilt fort using dining room chairs, quilts, and clothespins in my youth. 🙂

  2. The uses for a quilt are endless! And you haven’t even started yet on those other uses, like table mat/runner, play mat, baby car seat blankie (they have to be really small), or (shock!) wall hanging or other decorative uses. Also, a bed quilt does not have to be covering the whole bed (and down to the ground)! I don’t like that “heavy” look very much (small rooms), and prefer to use even a bed quilt as hardly more than a bed topper, coordinating with the bedding…

  3. Thanks for linking to Quilty Inspiration, Allison.

    Quilts can also be used as table cloths (though I’m not sure I’d recommend it for actually eating at a table unless one is willing to take a chance on spills). I also thought that sometimes quilts can be games — roadways for little cars for boys, or maybe even a twister-style game if the quilt is made with large colored circles.

    You have some great ideas to help your potential customers see other uses for quilts. I hope it all goes well and that your sales improve.


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