Weaving Threads and Juggling Balls

Celandines and daisys welcoming the Spring sunshine on the roadside verge I see from my sewing room window.

Gosh! I knew there’d been a bit of a time gap in my writing posts but I was surprised to find the date on the last post was 21st March.  That does sound like a long time ago, we’ve celebrated Easter, enjoyed a bank holiday weekend and all sorts since then!  And lovely, lovely Spring has been showing herself, with some pretty sunrises, blue skies, lots of flowers opening their petals to the sun and a few young leaves giving a faint green haze to the hedgerows.

I must mention the melodious blackbirds too – singing away on every other roof top and in every other tree long before the break of day and all through the day 🙂

During this blog post hiatus we’ve had extra time at Church: sharing the sorrow of death and the blessing of eternal hope woven together through the funeral service of a Christian brother; reflecting on the sacrifical death of Jesus; and celebrating the victory he won over death at the resurrection. The Easter holiday gave us an opportunity to meet up with family and we thoroughly enjoyed a day spent with all three of our children and our son-in-law (who copes very well with all the years of sibling and family silliness popping to the surface when we are reunited!).

Of course there’s been a bit of patchwork and quilting going on too!  Two more finishes to share:

‘Sunset Ripples’ Throw – finally bound and posted on Etsy


Yankee Puzzle Table Runner made from fabrics I bought at a quilt group stash sale. (There should be a little tutorial about this – when I pick up the thread/get the ball back in the air…)

What a month March turned out to be for me! I acknowledged my plodding pace and then pushed through at least four finishes in one month (see my 2016 Gallery). Which brings me to the weaving and juggling in the title of this post.  A decade or so ago I became fascinated by the process of weaving and for a while I had a table top hand loom.  Weaving requires concentration and a pleasant rhythm of movement to execute a pattern successfully. Lose concentration and/or the rhythm and the woven cloth will have an uneven tension and a distinct pattern will be disrupted. Juggling balls (well! I never practiced long enough to master this skill) again requires concentration and rhythm.  What I’m trying to illustrate is that the thoughts and actions of life are a bit like weaving and juggling.  We all have numerous threads running through our lives that require weaving together and we all juggle several balls at once. Despite all that popular harping on about ‘multi-tasking’ my experience is that it’s not possible to give full, effective attention to many threads or balls at once, something is going to be missed or dropped! So, in sharing some of the things that did get woven and the balls that weren’t dropped I wouldn’t want you to think there aren’t a host of loose threads needing attention or a lot of balls that need picking up as the new month begins.  But that, as they say, is life!

I’m hoping I’m not too late to link my finishes with Amanda Jean at crazy mom quilts  or link my up-to-date blocks with everyone following Alyce’s Modern HST Sampler QAL.

The six blocks of the first quarter of the Modern HST Sampler QAL – which is proving to be a really enjoyable project.

There is a real chance I will have missed both linky deadlines – threads and balls, what can I say! 😀 – but do press the links and find fresh inspiration from patchwork quilters around the world.



6 thoughts on “Weaving Threads and Juggling Balls

  1. You’ve been busy this past month, Allison! Love your finishes. And so sorry to hear about your friend. Thanks for posting the link to the bird video. I don’t know many bird songs and just realized I could search on youtube to find birds I know and see if it’s their song I’m hearing. Thanks!

    • That is a shame. We’ve had no snow at all! I did get caught in a hail storm today but the flowers didn’t suffer and I was amazed to see a little clump of bluebells beginning to bloom. Hope Spring will soon begin in earnest for you too.


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