Wadding Woes

I’ve had a ‘hrumph’ moment this morning! As with most of these moments I do (eventually) have to take (much) of the responsibility for the cause. I’m finally getting on with the I-Spy quilt I started making last month – you know, the one of which I so confidently said there would be a tutorial…  In the pipeline, in the pipeline…

img_2247Anyway back to the ‘hrumph’. As the quilt is intended for a child’s play quilt I decided to use 100% polyester wadding. On opening the packaging I found the outer layers of the wadding had become really badly distorted. Not having a tumble dryer, I decided to hang the pieces I cut on the washing line and hope the damp air and light breeze might help to open out the fibres and smooth out the bumps. Two hours later, I’m not convinced the really bumpy piece will ever lie flat enough to be used in a quilt.

Lumpy, bumpy wadding on the washing line

So, some lessons:

  • Unpack wadding from it’s packaging as soon as purchased  and store flat or in a much looser roll (but don’t shake it out near to son’s Airfix models – a Lancaster Bomber took a nosedive off it’s shelf this morning -oops, I have sent an apologetic e-mail to Son)
  • Purchase more expensive, better quality wadding – my favourite polyester wadding is made by Quilters Dream but it’s not so easy to find in the UK.
  • Buy wadding on larger rolls rather than in small packs – again unroll and re-roll checking that the centre is not creased and lumpy.

If you have any more advice on how to overcome wadding woes please do share in a comment. Thank you!


2 thoughts on “Wadding Woes

  1. Hmm. I haven’t used polyester wadding for quite some time, but for other wadding I steam it, hovering just above the surface with my steam iron, when there are stubborn creases. Not sure what that would do to polyester though. 😉


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