The ups and downs of working at home

For the past couple of weeks we have been out of routine, entertaining family and friends, visiting others and enjoying days out. Lovely!

World Athletics Championships 2017
The Olympic Stadium London hosting the World Athletics Championships – great to be  in the stadium again

Family outside the stadium
Outside the stadium 🙂

River Test at Houghton
The River Test at Houghton, Hampshire

The Silk Mill at Whitchurch along with silk scarves made on the Mill looms.

Friends and family have the impression that I am an organised person. 😀 As a student nurse I did learn how to think through and prepare all that was needed for a task before getting it underway – anything from changing a bed to a complicated dressing or surgical procedure. And I guess that training has translated into how I approach practical tasks out here in ‘civvy street’. But really I spend most of my time reacting to what happens around me, being distracted away from jobs and then being surprised as I come across the forgotten half finished ‘whatevers’ later in the day!
Today is my day at home. My ‘boys’ were all out to work by 8am. I made my way to the sewing room (ready to morph back into it’s guest room role), decided on some background music (The Lighthouse Family – I know, it is a bit bland but it’s smooth, easy on the ears and emotions) and set about turning bunting triangles inside out ready for pressing.

Bunting pointer
This little wooden tool was in a packet of nail files. It’s a very handy ‘pokey pointer’ pushing out the points of bunting triangles!

Within 15 minutes I was being beeped at by 1. the washing machine, insistent that I should go congratulate it on finishing another load of laundry, 2. my phone desperate for a battery recharge and then the door bell rang to announce the arrival of the weekly shop *sigh*. Some time and one broken finger nail later: the washing on the line, the phone sucking up electric juice, the shopping put away and here I am sat down in the sewing room. Of course, in dealing with these happenings I found a few other things to do: I refilled the bird feeder while I was hanging out the washing; put away some dry laundry from the clothes airer; remembered to send #1 son a text (and that reminds me I need to contact a cake decorator…); and decided to switch on the laptop and write it all down!
You’ll be glad to know The Lighthouse Family were completely unphased by all the distractions and continued to play regardless – good for them! I know it’s only 9.50am but I’m feeling the need for a mug of coffee… Must contact cake decorator first!!
Ha!Ha! 10.10am, coffee in the mug and finally the iron is heating up again. Back to the bunting :-), working to the snappier sound of The Beatles – ‘Eight Days A Week’ – how handy would that be?
Bunting flags arranged
The bunting flags all pressed and arranged on my make-do design wall sofa!

Pink buntingTwo hours later: I drank the coffee before it went cold (little triumph of the day!); completed three sets of bunting; and had a chat with my brother about the arrangements for our Dad’s 80th birthday celebrations this weekend; oh! and exchanged messages with the very kind cake maker.
Chocolatier BOM 3Yesterday evening I lead the third Chocolatier BOM workshop at Purple Stitches. We made two blocks. Here are my versions of ‘Louisiana’ and ‘Framed Plus’. The top two are in the BOM fabrics the lower is my practice block which I will add to the other practice blocks with the aim of making a table runner.
Talking of table runners, I was awake for a couple of hours in the night thinking about new projects to make and teach. My brain whirred so much I gave up trying to sleep and snuck downstairs for 4am tea and biscuits. After catching up with the Archers on the BBC iplayer I did manage to get back to sleep and raced through a whole host of crazy dreams. Anyway, putting aside the dreams of run away toy animals and snowfall in July, I am pleased to say those wakeful hours have led to some fresh ideas. I’m thinking of creating ‘making a table runner in a day’ classes, exploring a different patchwork block technique with each runner. Does that sound interesting? I’d be glad to know your reaction to this idea 🙂 I always like getting a workshop project finished or very near to completion on the day rather than bringing home a new UFO.
Yeah! It’s lunch time. As the forecast is fair for the rest of the day my plan is to visit the allotment; pick the runner beans and courgettes; maybe cut some of the grass which after several wet weeks is growing like it’s Spring again; and bring home the tools we left in the shed when ‘rain stopped play’ on our last visit.

So this is a post about a fairly typical ‘at home’ day where doing a days work isn’t always as straightforward as it sounds and most certainly is beyond my capacity to organise!
Thank you for your company today! Linking with Lorna for Let’s Bee Social – she’s paper piecing mermaids!

0 thoughts on “The ups and downs of working at home

  1. Wow, organized or not, you sure got a lot done in one day! It makes me wish I was a morning person. I am decidedly an evening person. That was an advantage in college but a real challenge in my career and with kids, but now that I’m retired, I’ve made peace with my natural rhythm. Your buntings are adorable, and I love your highly technical term “pokey pointer.”

  2. Thanks for taking time to read through my post JannineMarie. It was a productive day – think I’m paying the price today though! Feeling decidedly stiff and weary after the afternoon at the allotment. It’s funny how we have different rhythms – it’s 8pm and my ‘get up and go’ has gone but you’ll be at your most productive this time of day!


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