The never ending middle of the journey

I haven’t embraced the idea of different aspects of life being classed as ‘journeys’. You know the sort of thing: ‘my journey to healthy living’ or ‘my weight-loss journey’or ‘my journey to the truth within’? BUT today there has been an insistent little voice in my head repeating over and over again, ‘Are we there yet?’ *SIGH* It has been a very long day putting this quilt top together, so many seams to align and pin. I’ve tried to lighten the mood with music and there have been quite a few cups of coffee on the go but the hopeful start of this quilt seems a very long time ago and the end destination, well that seems far off too, although there is a deadline to add a bit of urgency to the ‘journey’!


In fact the journey has got to the stage where I’m wondering why I ever hit the road. I’m starting to doubt the combination of colours and prints. I think I’m so familiar with each fabric after all that cutting and piecing that I’m seeing the individual fabrics competing with each other rather than coming together in harmony. Incidentally the dominant fabrics are from the gorgeous Autumn Elegance by Sentimental Studios for Moda and Brenda Brackman’s Morris Earthly Paradise also for Moda.

I’m getting tired of this journey and the, ‘Are we there yet?’ repeats. I’ve taken the opportunity to get off the road and take an extended rest break while a decision is made about the colour of the border. It seems to need to be a medium/dark fabric picking out one or two of the colours in the blocks. I think whichever colour is chosen will determine how the quilt is seen – a red, green, gold or grey quilt.

Do you think it will be possible to pull this top together? Any ideas about the colour of the border gratefully received – a push to get me back on the road please!

It’s Tuesday, so later I’ll be updating my ‘Pins of the week‘ board on Pinterest. I’ve sorted out my boards too – separating out quilting tips from free motion quilting and walking foot quilting. I hope you will find some useful links on those boards 🙂


7 thoughts on “The never ending middle of the journey

  1. Hi Allison, your quilt is looking goooood. So don’t be discouraged just yet. Have a short break and I’m sure you’ll feel different when you go back to it. Regarding the border colour, I think I would go with red or gold. Keep up the good work x

  2. Consider no border. I love it, love the way the edges break the 9-patches and turn them into hearts. Mid-dark binding, maybe even scrappy using several of your mid values. ?? Just a thought.

    • Thanks for your thoughts Melanie. I didn’t see the hearts until I read your comment! It’s proving very helpful receiving reactions from people looking at the quilt top with ‘fresh eyes’.

  3. Stop worrying about everything. It’s a lovely, appealing quilt. I agree that you could easily go with no borders. If there is a color you see as receding and hard to pick out, that might be a border color for you. It will bring out the receding color in the quilt, and make others that you think too bold and forward take a step back. I think either way, it’s a gorgeous quilt. I agree with you about being in the middle of the process – it seems to be the longest part! That’s true when I take a road trip, too. =)

  4. I really like your quilt! I love how all the different fabrics work together – sometimes in their contrast, sometimes in their similarity. It’s like our opinions – we all see different aspects that we want to highlight (or hide!).
    Personally, I’d border this quilt – and I agree with Lucie – the deep gold or red would be my choice – or maybe a narrow gold border with a wider red border with the narrowest of dark piping between them.
    It’s going to be lovely however you finish it!

    • Thank you for your encouraging comments Jannette. Since publishing the post my client has opted for a border in the red fabric and I’ve decided a narrow gold border between the blocks and the red will look good – nice to have your ideas confirming these decisions!


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