A couple of finishes and a WIP

My teacosies for Christmas are coming along!  I’ve had fun putting together some panel prints given me by a kind aunt and some charm squares from a fabric sample club. My WIP – just the binding round the bottom to handstitch now. (Working with the navy blue lining in artificial light was a bit tricky!).  I decided to quilt in the ditch rather than stitch over the panel pictures. … Read more

Memories in a quilt…

Modern day patchwork quilts are very often made using newly bought fabrics – most of the ones I’ve made certainly have been.  Of course, traditionally, patchwork quilts were pieced together from left-over scraps and fabric reclaimed from worn-out clothing or bedding.  Those true scrap quilts hold lots of memories for whoever made and then used them as the fabrics were direct reminders of people who had worn the clothing … Read more