Saturday Quilting Bring & Share (251)

Welcome to Saturday Quilting Bring & Share and Happy Easter too! Bring along your project(s) and share in the latest news and inspiration along with other members of our Worldwide Quilting Community. It’s great to encourage blog writers by getting a conversation going via their comments boxes so don’t forget to join in when a post gets you thinking πŸ™‚

This week I’ve been concentrating on the March block for the English Country Garden QAL. This QAL certainly provides variety month by month as it is a quilt-as-you-go project so each block is brought to completion before the next one begins (or that’s the plan…) To complete

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Saturday Quilting Bring and Share (250)

Welcome to Saturday Quilting Bring & Share. I hope you have an opportunity to bring along a project or two and enjoy sharing in the creativity of our Worldwide Quilting Community. Don’t forget to add encouraging comments to the blog posts you visit πŸ™‚

Following a disastrous start to quilting a quilt sandwich earlier this week I shared my pin basting research in this post (there were some helpful comments left that you might like to read including links to pin basting tutorials from Laura and Jo – thank you both).

I re-basted my quilt sandwich – this time pinning the layers flat to my sewing room carpet instead of clamping it to a table. It was a bit of a squeeze to work around the quilt sandwich in a confined space but I managed to pin it in place and then insert and secure all the basting pins. It didn’t cause as much stress on my knees as I had expected and I somehow managed not to knock everything off my shelves as I moved around the sandwich!

Once basted I decided to include in-the-ditch quilting to stabilise the layers before stitching the quilting lines I had in mind. I’m glad I did take the time to stitch in-the-ditch around each of the fifteen rectangular blocks as the layers still shifted about a bit. I can’t say I enjoyed stitching the wavy vertical lines down the the quilt or the wavy lines running at 60ΒΊ across the quilt. Every time intersecting quilting lines caused a little pleat I could feel myself tensing up another level but I decided this quilt was better finished than becoming another UFO.

By the end I had consoled myself, thinking that the pleats would not be so apparent once I stepped back from the close up view at the sewing machine. The rather puffy appearance of the quilt I’ve decided is ‘texture’ – not necessarily the texture I had in mind when I set out to do the quilting but texture none-the-less! πŸ˜‰

I think this may be the last time I use a polyester wadding (even a good quality one like the Quilters Dream Green I used in this quilt). I’m sure my troubles were in part due to my choice of wadding. Perhaps poly wadding definitely calls for spray basting?

All the messing about with pin-basting has played havoc with my sewing goals this week. No progress made on the English Country Garden QAL, the green Rainbow Scrap Challenge blocks or the flower blocks I was going to add to the Irish Chain quilt *sigh*.

Here are the links to some posts published by our Worldwide Quilting Community:

Angela Walters is preparing to start another FMQ course. The ‘Flora & Foliage FMQ Challenge’ tutorials are free to follow. Find out more here.

Michelle has set herself a challenge – ’30 days of quilting’. She is aiming to finish some WIPs whilst increasing her enjoyment of quilting. She’s made a great start using a a Jacqui Gering walking foot pattern to create texture in the background of a small quilt.

Ha!Ha! Rachel Hauser did a good job selling the on-line quilting magazine, Make Modern, in a recent blog post. I’ve taken out an annual subscription πŸ™‚

I think there’s just enough time before Easter to piece this cheeky bunny designed by Cherry Guidry of Cherry Blossoms Quilts. Her free pattern is shared here by WeAllSew. If the Easter deadline is a bit tight the bunny would make a cute block in a baby quilt.

Happy Stitching!


Saturday Quilting Bring and Share (249)

Welcome to Saturday Quilting Bring & Share. Bring along your project(s) and relax in the company of quilters from around the World – after all it is International Quilting Day πŸ™‚ There’ll be plenty of sharing of ideas going on – use the links below to visit a few quilty bloggers and join in the sharing by adding to the conversations in the comments boxes.

I’ve tried to stay focussed through the week but I did get a bit fluttery yesterday when I suddenly felt overwhelmed by all the projects on the go! Progress has been made on a few. Once I’d overcome the overwhelm (if you know what I mean?) I followed my DHs advice (up to a point) and got stuck into one (or two) projects. First up, I made a large piece of wadding from several offcuts of Quilters Dream Green. That felt good! Next I made a label for the Sixty Slice quilt calling my version the ‘Sixty Degree Summer’ quilt and pieced that into a pieced backing. I forgot to take a photo of the backing before getting the quilt sandwich clamped to my basting table…

Hand sewing has been going on steadily through the week, yesterday I stitched together the fourth and last of the hexie flowers I intend to applique to an Irish Chain quilt.

As I’ve already started machine quilting the quilt I think I will attempt to machine applique the hexie flowers to the quilt sandwich. Any advice? Is this plan likely to lead to a puckered disaster? Would I do better to carefully hand applique the hexie flowers to the top layer and then machine quilt on and around them?

So that’s more than enough sewing room action for one weekend really: pin basting the Sixty Degree Summer quilt; and attaching the flowers to the Irish Chain quilt. But, and here I open the window into my overwhelm, there are several other projects scattered across my sewing room. There are this months Rainbow Scrap Challenge string blocks to make – so far all I’ve done is sort out the green fabric strings from the box.

Then there’s the English Country Garden QAL – I’ve cut out the fabrics for the March block but got no further.

(And of course there are blocks up on the design wall ready to be stitched together into ANOTHER quilt top) πŸ˜€

On Thursday I received some happy post, a complimentary copy of the latest edition of Love Patchwork & Quilting as one of my designs is in the magazine πŸ™‚ You can find out more about Issue 96 by visiting the @lovequiltingmag bio and clicking the link to buy print and digital copies, or to subscribe. Next week I’ll share more about the design and my limited experience of having designs published in magazines.

Time for a bumper batch of links to celebrate International Quilters Day:

Wow! Linda has pushed herself hard through a design process and produced a really spectacular quilt. It all began at the end of January in a workshop on Zoom run by Maria Shell. It’s well worth reading this summary blog post to see how Linda finished the quilt but you might then take a trip through her earlier posts to follow the ups and downs of the design process.

Carole is enjoying the transition from Winter to Spring, she says she’s ‘Breathing Again‘. Enjoying Spring flowers, birds visiting her garden and an outdoor lunch with a show and tell with friends.

Another brilliant tutorial from Yvonne. This time she walks us through making accurate, consistent Square-in-a-Square blocks. So much helpful information and a cutting chart too. Definitely worth saving a link to this tutorial πŸ™‚

Nancy enjoys searching in thrift stores for fabrics suitable for quilting. She has found a great selection of shirts, blouses and bed linen to bolster her stash. Nancy takes a needle with her when she’s hunting for fabrics – just to make sure the fabric weave is loose enough to make hand quilting comfortable.

Leanne’s latest edition of ‘Let’s Get to Know’ features Bernie of Needle & Foot. I have followed Bernie’s blog since around 2015 and always look forward to receiving a notification in my inbox letting me know she’s published a post.

Cynthia is a queen of scrap quilting. She’s been dealing with an over-flow of brown scraps. Some may think ‘meh’ about the colour but I think Cynthia’s Courthouse Steps Blocks will gain a few more thumbs up for brown!

Earlier this month Michelle shared her thoughts on binding quilts and got a lively and informative discussion going in the comments section of her blog. In that post she also shared a link to a binding tutorial post she wrote back in 2016 – well worth a couple of clicks πŸ™‚

Laura Hopper has been a guest on the Suzy Quilts website sharing her skills of organizing and storage. In this post Laura shares some tips that should help us think more clearly about Quilt Fabric Organization.

Jen is helping to ‘keep it real’ by giving a tour of her basement sewing space. It is a windowless laundry room but with a bit of ingenuity and good grace Jen is making it a productive and happy place.

Cheryl shares a baby quilt tutorial which could be a great scrap buster – lots of strips cut into half square triangles.

Funny how we can make loads of quilts to give away but put off making things for our own homes! Laura has taken time to get round to making a cover for her sewing machine – it was worth the wait! She’s chosen bright colours to compliment her sewing room.

Linking with Alycia for Finished or Not Friday. She’s on roll finishing quilt tops!

Happy Stitching!


Saturday Quilting Bring and Share (248)

Welcome to Saturday Quilting Bring & Share. I’m sorry to be late publishing. Yesterday I had one of those stomach-drop moments when I found I couldn’t access my own blog site *horrible* Thankfully my website lady worked her magic and all is running smoothly now. I hope you have had time to enjoy sewing this weekend, maybe a few treats have come your way too if you are a mother in the UK? πŸ™‚ There may just be time to bring along your project and share in the tips, ideas and inspiration circulating through our Worldwide Quilting Community. If you visit some blog sites via the links below you can join in the sharing by leaving your thoughts in the comments boxes πŸ™‚

After finishing the I-Spy Puzzle quilt at the start of the week I had a bit of a tidy-up in my sewing room, taking time to clear the lint out of my sewing machine and then looked around for my next project. I always have more than one WIP but somehow finishing a project causes a bit of stutter in my creative flow: Which project should I focus on now? Is this the time to start a new project ;-)? I didn’t really think hard about my choices…. This is how the sewing panned out through the rest of the week:

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