Follow up to ‘What’s a patchwork quilt for?’

Thank you to everyone who added suggestions to the ‘what are quilts for?’ list.  I spent a bit of time making a display board using a sheet of foam card, polyester wadding and a couple of fabrics from the ‘accidental additions’ section of my stash! Here is the board hanging in my re-vamped space in the All Our Own Crafts pop-up shop (the pink chair belongs to my crafty … Read more

Banishing the quilting monster and muses on blogging

First of all, a big thank you to the community of quilty bloggers for responding so readily to my plea for assistance with some machine quilting issues I was experiencing last week. So helpful and encouraging 🙂 I’ve continued working on the Monsters and Aliens quilt (rather than letting the quilting monster in me throw it to the back of a cupboard) and although it is not perfect I … Read more