An Opportunity and a Blog Anniversary

Today is my blog anniversary! Being part of the quilty blog community for the past year has been a real privilege and I’ve learned so much from reading and following other bloggers and being part of the 2015 New Quilt Bloggers blog hop.  A big ‘THANK YOU’ to everyone who has read my posts, chosen to follow my blog and taken time to write comments 🙂 My big news … Read more

Deadlines and their legacy – Part 2

In my previous post I did a little exploration of the nature of deadlines in the context of preparing a craft stall for a village show.  In this follow-up post I’ll share the fall-out of getting past that deadline! First there was a heap of unsold quilts and bags to  put back into storage *sigh* and re-post in my Folksy shop. Then, as I wound down and discovered the … Read more

Bank Holiday Quilty Musings

Here in the UK we are drawing to the end of a three day, bank holiday weekend.  For me and my little household it has been an easy-going extended weekend.  At the end of last week I’d finally got the space and time to quilt the infamous ‘quilt in a day’ log cabin quilt (you may recall I began this quilt in January!). I decided on a repeat of … Read more