Happy Easter! Search for the truth behind the chocolate bunnies!

Happy Easter! It’s strange in these post-modern times that we still make a holiday of Easter! But I’m glad we do! I hope you are enjoying a break, maybe relaxing with family and friends. Before putting Easter behind us it really is worth examining the words and actions of Jesus himself. Not what school curriculums, the Church or Christians say about Him but actually what Jesus said and did. He made some extraordinary claims about himself, fulfilled prophecies made over a thousand years before he was born, frequently stunned his followers as well as his enemies into silence, never compromising the truth but always sharing it with compassion.


If you don’t have a Bible to hand then it’s easy to download a free app. Reading one of the four Gospel’s, such as John’s takes us straight back to eyewitness accounts of the words and actions of Jesus and those of the people who encountered Him – no one ignored Him, some followed Him, others plotted His death.

Happy Easter!