Strip piecing and keeping up with the Jelly Roll Waves QAL

I am glad I chose to make Myra’s Jelly Roll Waves quilt using the instructions for strip piecing fabrics from Fat Quarters rather than the 2½” strip version. I would definitely have fallen behind if I’d been cutting and piecing all the strips individually. As it is I did complete the second lot of blocks over the weekend 🙂 So all thirty blocks are ready to be stitched together. The deadline for completing the quilt top is week beginning 13th August, dare I say, ‘This project is on course a finish!’? 😀

Jelly Roll Waves QAL second 15 Blocks by Allison Reid

The photo below shows some of the lighter A and darker B blocks up on the design wall. I’m hoping alternating the lighter and darker blocks will create a 3D wave effect… Maybe if you squint at the photo?

Jelly Roll Waves QAL A and B blocks by Allison Reid

I’ve finally started piecing my ‘secret sewing’ quilt. It’s taken me quite a bit of time, not to mention quite a lot of head scratching, but finally I’ve worked out (and written down!) the cutting instructions. Using strip piecing to create the nine-patch blocks speeds up the piecing process quite significantly. And strip piecing can help keep blocks square which is a definite bonus.

Secret Sewing strip sets by Allison Reid

Secret Sewing strip sets and block by Allison Reid

Our mini heatwave has expired so it’s safe to break out the chocolate again. Sugar-fueled strip piecing is the best! 😉

Secret Sewing with Maltesers by Allison Reid

Linking with Myra for the Jelly Roll Waves QAL and with Susan for Midweek Makers – she’s loving Dresden Plate blocks 🙂


8 thoughts on “Strip piecing and keeping up with the Jelly Roll Waves QAL

    • Thank you Lisa. I was originally going to use a solid fabric for the background but felt the whole quilt top in solids was a bit too ‘out there’ for me. A little pattern makes me feel more comfortable!

  1. Hi Allison! I love strip piecing and use it every chance I get. None of that cut four 2″ pieces for me if I can figure out how to strip piece it instead. Yay to the mini heatwave being gone. Ours has moved on as well and this morning it is only 63 degrees. I might almost say a little chilly but I’m not allowing that thought to even form. ~smile~ Roseanne

    • Hi! Roseanne. Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a comment. I know what you mean about feeling chilly – I even put a cardigan on his morning – but no complaints! My husband has been travelling and spent nearly his whole time in air conditioned environments so he thinks it’s still too warm here! Ha! Ha!

    • Yes! the first was just me messing about with one set of blocks on the design wall. The second layout has a few blocks from both A & B sets. I’ll stick to the second ‘proper’ Jelly Roll’ layout but the first does have possibilities….:-)


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