Seeing Stars

A troublesome, ticklish cough had me refilling a glass of water at 2am (too early even for me to contemplate doing any stitching!).  Standing at the kitchen window I could see the Plough star constellation looking big and bright just above the horizon.


Even at 50+ I still turn to my childhood Ladybird books as a quick reference source! This is 'The Sky At Night' which in the early 70s cost 15p!
Even at 50+ I still turn to my childhood Ladybird books as a quick reference source! This is ‘The Sky At Night’ which in the early 70s cost 15p!

A verse from Graham Hendrick’s song ‘The Servant King’ came to mind:

Come, see his hands and his feet,

the scars that speak of sacrifice,

hands that flung stars into space, 

to cruel nails surrendered.

This verse always makes me tingle as it pulls together the divinity of Christ with his humanity as the man Jesus.

Then my mind slipped to my current project which just happens to feature stars – a tablerunner for Christmas.  I often use stars in Christmas projects as they are a great symbol of Christmas – remembering the star that guided the Wise Men to Bethlehem and the light stars shine into a dark world.  And, as luck would have it, there are loads of patchwork star blocks!  They have great names too – Friendship, Sawtooth, Twinkling, Le Moyne, Northumberland, Aunt Eliza’s, Indian, Amish, Eccentric, Broken…  For the tablerunner I’ve pieced five Ohio Stars intending to sew them together in a long strip. I used quite ‘busy’ festive fabrics and worried that the points of the stars weren’t showing clearly. Adding narrow borders in a plain fabric around each block has separated out the stars and I’ve quilted a 1/4 inch around the stars (echo quilting) to emphasis their presence.  The centre square of each Ohio Star has a quilted star and I’m happy with the overall result.

Finished Yesterday!
Finished Yesterday!

This is the first of several table runners I intend to make.  See my ‘Patchwork tablerunners’ board on Pinterest –  There are some lovely ideas there to inspire a creative make or two and links to a couple of free patterns I found whilst searching the web.

Happy stitching!


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