Star Tablerunner – version 2

Last week I finished a star filled table runner using a mix of green, red and gold 2½” squares to create the background.

‘Starry Christmas’ table runner

I was intrigued to see what the runner would look like using just one fabric for the background. Over the weekend I cut out the pieces from a white on white fabric for the stars and the background pieces from a sort of scandi/folksy print called ‘Joy, Love, Peace’ by Lucie Crovatto. I made 56 half square triangles (whew) – 48 for the six 4″ stars and 8 for the 8″ star (see previous post for cutting instructions for these Sawtooth Stars).

This morning I got to work putting all the pieces together. First the 8″ star with 2½” borders (2 cut 8½” long and 2 cut  12½” long).


Next the six 4″ stars each with two adjacent 2½” borders (1 cut 4½” long and the second 6½” long).


I then arranged them on the design wall with six background squares cut to 6½” before stitching them all together to complete the top.

The completed top with the red fabric I’m going to use for the binding.

This all took me the best part of 3½ hours and reminded me yet again that I only have a very loose grip on exactly how long I spend on each of my patchwork and quilting projects! At the start of the morning I imagined I’d have the runner at the quilt sandwich stage and the binding prepared before my deadline of leaving the house at 12.15pm! Reality check!!

img_2628I had to be in town for my little shop-keeping stint at the pop-up craft shop. The town centre is busy now and it is noticeable that people are actively shopping for Christmas rather than just browsing for gift ideas. Sales in the shop have been increasing and it’s great to see such clever handiwork being displayed in lots of imaginative ways. My sales have stalled a bit so I had a go at re-arranging my space but honestly it doesn’t look that different after my efforts. Maybe I need to do something a bit more radical?

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8 thoughts on “Star Tablerunner – version 2

  1. I like your runners – delightful. Your space looks very nice. Is there some way you can spread out your quilts – the more they see, the more they’ll be attracted to them. Thanks for stopping by and commenting at WIPs Be Gone.

    • Thank you! I agree I do need to find more open spaces to photograph my quilts – I was thinking of being a bit cheeky and asking a local furniture store if I could use their furniture displays as my ‘studio’!

      • I’ve just realised you were referring to the shop space. Unfortunately that is my allocated area and can’t be expanded. Perhaps I just need to have fewer things hanging so they can be seen properly?

  2. I think it looks great! I’ve never run a store so I’m not much help but maybe take some notes when you go into a store – any store – and consciously think about what catches your eye and what about it made you look at it twice and maybe that will spark an idea?

  3. Another pretty runner in the q – you’re getting a big pat on the back from me for getting that much done before you ran out the door ! I have intentionally not kept track of time spent on each project because I just know I’m slow !
    I think your sales space looks really good. When I was showing my pottery I found that grouping similar glazed pots together helped keep the visual chaos down for the buyers – if they feel overwhelmed; they just move on. The other thing you might look at investing in is a “clothes horse”. I think they make really good use of a small display space. let me know if you have never heard of that term and I can probably send you a visual link.

      • Oh good, you knew what I was referring to. My MIL left one here at the farm when they retired and moved away. It has been very well used and stored in the barn for decades. It is HUGE but needs 1 or two new dowels and some TLC. I haven’t seen those in the stores but there is a company in Canada called Home Hardware that still sells the wooden ones, just smaller than my MIL’s
        Merry Christmas, Allison !


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