Seasons changing – Christmas fabrics out of the drawer!

The rather gloomy drab greys of November have been peppered with the occasional stunning sunrise:


and the nations favourite bird has begun to sing it’s winter song each day before dawn and after sunset.

A robin

There’s no getting away from the arrival of Winter and the inevitable rush toward Christmas.  I know it’s not quite December but that feeling that I must ‘do something about Christmas’ is already gnawing away and unsettling me.  Thank goodness for a hobby that lends itself to a bit of creative Christmas doing.  Over the past couple of weeks I’ve delved into my festive stash and made a couple of tablerunners.

The first used a Moda charm pack, Richmond Reds, which isn’t specifically a Christmas collection but with the added star points it made a good seasonal runner.


For the second I downloaded a free pattern from Craftsy by Rachel Godfrey of .  The pattern uses width of fabric strips for some quick piecing but as most of the fabrics I found were in pieces smaller than a fat quarter I had to stitch the squares together one by one. I like the on-point setting of this design but rather than cutting diagonally across the squares at the end of each strip I decided to use setting triangles.  I turned to the trusty ‘Putting it On-Point’ table by Bonnie K. Hunter to aid me with the maths of setting triangles and also used my own double check, scrap paper, method just to  be sure I’d calculated the size of the squares correctly.  



Making a paper pattern to lay next to the fabric squares always reassures me I’ve calculated the right size square before I start cutting the fabric. With justification, I have no faith in my maths skills and find visual checks reassuring!

The completed tablerunner
A closer view of the ‘Merry Christmas’ border and some of the machine quilting.

I hope you are finding the run up to Christmas a source of creativity.  Being creative certainly helps me move away from the commercial bustle of the season and have time to re-align my thoughts with our Creator God and His Son. Think on some of the names and titles given Jesus and then Christmas regains it’s wonder: Messiah; Saviour; Christ; the Word; Light of the World; King of Kings; Servant; Precious Lamb of God; Good Shepherd…


Linking with Nancy for Quilty Inspiration #9 ,  Alyce for Sew Cute Tuesday and Stephanie for Tips and Tutorials Tuesday

PS.  I signed up for an on offer Craftsy class this week: Jacquie Gering’s ‘Next Steps with your Walking Foot’.


12 thoughts on “Seasons changing – Christmas fabrics out of the drawer!

  1. Thanks for linking up to Quilty Inspiration, Allison. I appreciate the support.

    Your English robin is a sweet-looking bird. He looks different than our American version but I didn’t know there were different species of robins.

    Your table runners are beautiful. I especially like the Merry Christmas fabric you used on the border of the one.

  2. HI Allison, the scrap paper double check method for the setting triangles is a good tip. I’ll have to give that a try with my Gardenvale quilt that I’m working on.This weekend is certainly a busy one on this side of the pond for sales. I went to check out the Craftsy pattern link and had to use steely determination to stay out of their sale section ! I have already done some quilty shopping at other sites so it’s time to tackle my christmas list 🙂 love your table runner – the pattern looks very much like one my mother in law made for me one year – I’ll have to check that when I bring it out to start decorating. Your robin is quite a bit different than the Canadian type and of course they have all left for their winter vacation.

    • Thanks for your reply Colleen. We don’t have any tradition of Black Friday but retailers have tried to introduce it for the last couple years. Backfired last year with lots of footage of shoppers fighting for goods – not good publicity for the stores! I’m going to take a look at the Craftsy classes I’ve bought – there are too many I haven’t completed – and resolve not to succumb to any more temptations too! Lovely that you have your Mother’s runner to use at Christmas, that is very special 😊

  3. I am the same way about calculating setting triangles. Doing it a few different ways just to make sure before cutting the fabric is a good idea, and Bonnie Hunter certainly has a lot of useful information for things like that.

  4. I like your red charm square runner and that it’s not overtly Christmas fabric but still says Christmas . I’m stuck still making Christmas presents rather than decorative things. Your robin photo is great ! Your photo?


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