Scrappy happiness

Starting today’s post with a scrappy mosaic of flowers in my garden. 😀

I’ve had a word with myself! ‘Look at your to-do list! Humm! Time to do some admin!’ ‘Admin?’ Well, immediately quilt projects came to mind… The procrastination queen is on her throne! But I think I’ve found the perfect project, providing me with respite at the sewing machine but not sapping my limited brain power away from the admin list :-). Remember I started a ‘leader and ender’ quilt?  I tapped into the Scrap Vortex instructions posted by the Queen of Scraps, Amanda Jean Nyberg at Crazy Mom Quilts? Well! No! I’m not surprised you don’t recall the start of my scrappy quilt as it was way back in March!
Anyhow, I feel I’ve now enough pairs of scrap fabrics sewn together (the leader and ender phase of my scrap quilt) to move onto stages 2 and 3 of the Scrap Vortex quilt. It’s very relaxing just grabbing two pairs of fabrics, straightening out the seam edges and then stitching them together before repeating until the chain pieced scraps are all behind the machine. Actually, even pressing a heap of seams has it’s charms after a half hour or so of admin-ing 😉

Leader-ender scraps
My workstation – teaming up scraps, trimming edges straight and then chain piecing the lot.

Scrap units sorted
Small scrap units on the left, medium-large on the right

After stage two (that is: sewing the paired pieces together to make squares or rectangles of four or more fabric pieces) I pressed all those seams and sorted the misshapen blocks into one pile of small blocks and another of medium-large blocks. My intention was to stitch together some of the smaller blocks so all the blocks would be similar in size. Fortunately I paused to read Amanda Jean’s instructions which clearly stated that, although it goes against a patchworker’s natural instincts, at this stage we should not be concerned about blocks being uniform in size!
I hastily jumbled my two piles of blocks together and began matching, trimming and chain piecing…
Then I did some admin… and pondered how my bin of scraps remains half full despite all this sewing…
Half full scrap bin
My half full/half empty scrap bin!

Time for pressing and trimming away fabric tails to even up the outside edges of the blocks of many sizes.
Blocks of varying sizes
Blocks with edges trimmed

Stage four of the Scrap Vortex process requires more pairing of the ever enlarging blocks. If blocks need adjusting to match up the advice is to add pieced strips to make blocks bigger, rather than cutting them down to fit together.
Scrap Vortex blocks on the design wall
Scrap Vortex blocks on the design wall

I have absolutely no idea how these blocks will all fit together but I am really enjoying the process 🙂 Linking with Leanne for Scraptastic Tuesday.

Head on over and find inspiration for your bin of scraps – I don’t promise you’ll have fewer scraps at the end but you’ll give yourself the opportunity to bask in scrappy happiness 😀

5 thoughts on “Scrappy happiness

  1. Thanks Laura. It really is a fun process. I keep being tempted to break up the scrappy blocks with plain sashing or maybe add a border at the end but then I think, ‘No, stick with total scrappiness!’

  2. Looks so fun! You can always frame anything with anything, maybe just on 2 sides, to create a block the size you want. Each of the frames would be differently sized, so would continue the scrappy wonky look.


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