Saturday Quilting Bring & Share

A warm welcome to Saturday Quilting Bring & Share 🙂 Join in this virtual sewing day: Bring along the project you are working on and share the quilty conversations that have caught your interest over the past week. Add your bring and shares in the comments section at the end of this post.

My ‘bring’ is some foundation paper piecing. I’ve designed a table runner and now I’m testing out my idea in fabric and writing the pattern. The runner has a some straightforward foundation pieced blocks and some crazy patchwork panels. I’m hoping making the table runner and practicing these two techniques can be developed into a workshop.

EQ7 foundation patterns

I have to say that translating my foundation piecing patterns into EQ7 took me on yet another steep learning curve and took many more hours than it should have done. I had tested the most complicated of the three patterns by drawing the pattern using pencil and paper before diving into my scrap boxes and making the block so I was confident it would work. Joining up those pesky lines on the software and getting the numbering worked out took a lot of patience and a few ‘just walk away from the computer’ moments! (You might notice that the tree trunk of the EQ7 drawn paper pattern is slightly to one side rather than perfectly symmetrical – I decided to go with it rather than fiddle anymore…) Now I’m looking forward to getting away from the computer and back to my sewing machine to test these patterns and create some blocks.

There’s been a bit of transformation in my sewing room. Out with the make-do, old kitchen cabinet shelving and in with three IKEA bookcase units. My husband kindly drove down to the Southampton store on Wednesday evening and we wandered around trying to make sense of the IKEA ‘shopping experience’. 😀 I’m very glad I spent some time on line looking through the options and made my choices before visiting the vast shop. We came away with three heavy packs and managed to fit them in our car – I had to move my seat forward so my knees were an inch away from the glove box!

The following day our youngest son suggested he and I should have a go at constructing the bookcases. We made a good team and managed to build all three. There was even time for me to play around fitting my colour-sorted stash and scrap boxes and other bits and bobs on to the shelves.

The room still looks a bit muddled but that’s partly because we have prepared the little bedroom for a weekend guest – I’ve been using the bed in there as my quilt store – so for now all my quilts are draped over the sofa bed in the sewing room.

The third bookcase by Allison Reid

The third bookcase almost hidden by the pile of quilts.

But it’s a good thing to have those quilts within easy reach as I really need to think through how I’m going to display them all for Hampshire Open Studios which begins on 18th August – just two weeks away!!

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