Saturday Quilting Bring & Share (6)

Welcome to a virtual sewing day 🙂 Bring along your project and join in the ‘conversation’ sharing items of quilting news and tips that have caught your interest through the week.
Beginners Course Plus Sign Quilt top New Every Morning Patchwork & Quilting
Today I’m returning to the Plus sign quilt I started a few weeks ago. I’m making this alongside the Beginners Class I’m teaching at Purple Stitches. In the third of the four sessions this afternoon we will be pin basting our quilt sandwiches and making a start on the quilting.

Plus Sign ready for basting New Every Morning Patchwork & Quilting
Wadding, backing and quilt top already for pin basting.

SewEzi table New Every Morning Patchwork & QuiltingTo help give a clear demonstration of quilting techniques I’ll be setting up my machine on a portable flat-bed sewing machine table. I bought the SewEzi table at the end of last year and keep forgetting to share it here.  It is much sturdier than it looks in my photo and comfortable to use. The perspex insert can be cut to fit most machines. UK distributors are Quilters Quest in Belfast, their customer service is excellent 🙂
The wealth of quilting inspiration on the internet and the skills displayed week by week never cease to amaze me!
As luck would have it Christa Watson has shared some really handy tips for quilting using a walking foot
Jayne’s completed quilt top is well worth a look; a great secondary pattern emerges from combining Shoo Fly and Snowball blocks – it is her ‘Snow Shoo Quilt‘!
Do you finish your quilts with a label? Jessica Skultety tells us why we should (in the nicest possible way) and shares a quick method for making and attaching a label.
If you are a glutton for new quilt designs you will find Yvonne’s post, ‘Pattern Drop: 2018 Designers’ of great interest. If you are less likely to want a new pattern to try every month but would like to pick up the handy tips being shared then there is a blog site sign up – find out how to make sixteen half square triangle blocks in one go!
Thank you for taking time to read this post. I do hope you find the links draw you into new conversations around the quilty world 🙂
Creating a link button (see the little blue button below) is a new venture for me. As far as I can work out no one has so far added a link to back their own blog. If you’ve tried and it hasn’t worked let me know in the comments section and I will try and sort it 🙂
Happy stitching!

2 thoughts on “Saturday Quilting Bring & Share (6)

  1. Thanks for the links. I do label the vast majority of my quilts. The only ones I don’t label on purpose are the donation quilts. I give them through my guild, and the guild labels them. Everything else ultimately gets labeled, though not always immediately. I’ve tried a lot of different methods of making labels and don’t find any completely satisfying. But it’s still important to do, one way or another.

    • I’m glad the ladies who ran the beginners quilt course where I learned the basics insisted we make a label for our quilts. It’s stayed with me and I don’t feel I’ve properly finished a quilt until there’s a label attached!


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