Saturday Quilting Bring & Share (42)

Welcome to the first Saturday Quilting Bring & Share of 2019. Happy New Year! Bring along your current project to our virtual sewing day and share in the quilting conversations doing the rounds of the worldwide quilty community. Leave links to your project posts or to quilt blog posts that have caught your interest in the comments box at the end of this post.

First of all I will share with you my unusual game of ‘thread chicken’. Instead of the usual game of dare – will the top thread/bobbin last for just one more line of stitching? – I’ve been holding my breath and keeping a close eye on a knot hoping that it won’t end up causing a tangle through my machine’s tension plates or get caught in the needle as I’m stitching! Thankfully I completed stitching details on the quilt before the knot came into play!

Aurifil thread knot by Allison Reid

I and my Pfaff machine get on very well with Aurifil cotton threads which I’m convinced are of very good quality. This is the first time I’ve encountered a knotted join in a reel of Aurifil 🙁

My bring-along project is the the Autumn Leaves wall hanging. I have stitched the leaf details since writing yesterdays blog post and it has taken me hours to figure out how to stitch out a representation of a blowing wind on the blue background… Not that difficult you might think but, try as I might, what I had in my head just wouldn’t work when I drew it out on paper. Thankfully I have been helped by reading this blog post by Sandra . Seeing the photos of her winter scene has helped me resolve my windy problem 😀 I do love the inspiration to be found in our worldwide quilty community.

Autumn Leaves background quilting by Allison Reid
I’m using masking tape to guide my diagonal wavy lines and strips of swirls over the Autumn Leaves quilt.

I find free motion quilting really uses a lot of concentration, so I’m taking a break from stitching, removing myself to the sofa with the intention of tackling the growing number of thread ends that need to be buried.

Autumn Leaves thread ends by Allison Reid

And so to more blog posts that have caught my attention and I hope you will find them interesting and/or inspiring:

Leanne expresses far more eloquently than I can the innate creativity in each one of us – whether it be designing computer software or quilts.

Thinking this is the year to tackle UFOs? Kristie Cook aka Teadoddles has some great advice about sorting those unfinished projects and getting to grips with your creative space. AND she has set up a group on Facebook to provide monthly prompts and encouragement in the quest to finish or discard those UFOs – there are even prizes!

Maybe the One Monthly Goal link up could provide you with the motivation needed to make progress with a project? The January link up is live at Elm Street Quilts and is great if you need some public accountability to get you stitching. You don’t need to pledge to completely finish a project, maybe you need to complete the blocks or sew together rows or piece the backing…. just share whatever you aim to achieve by the end of January. In around four weeks time it will be time for the OMG follow-up linky to share progress made and see how other participants have fared.

Happy Stitching!





2 thoughts on “Saturday Quilting Bring & Share (42)

  1. I am not so meticulous with my fmq. Unless I am making a show quilt (not anytime soon), I don’t bury my threads. I begin and end with very tiny stitches, and then clip off the loose threads. It is just one simple way for me to relax about my quilting and enjoy the process, as opposed to worrying about the quilt police.

  2. Your autumn leaf wall hanging is looking great Allison. Your FMQ skills far exceed mine. I’ve sewn the “wind” with a walking foot before and I liked the results. It is more work for me, but I feel like I have more control. I might use you as inspiration though and and try free motion again. Thanks for the inspiration.


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