Saturday Quilting Bring & Share (39)

Welcome to Saturday Quilting Bring & Share … on Sunday! Better late than never… Bring along your current project and share in some of the latest conversations in the quilty on-line world. You are welcome to join in via the comments box at the end of this post 🙂

Trolley cover ready for quilting by Allison ReidI still have some work to do on the covers for the two storage trolley-come-bedside tables. Both covers are ready to be quilted. I’ve prepared them using a no-binding method so once the quilting is done the covers will be finished. I’m planning to stitch an all-over meander as a more elaborate quilting pattern won’t show up on all those scrap fabrics. Also, as covers for bedside tables, it’ll be best if the quilting is fairly even so they lie flat – less chance of drinks and table lamps wobbling over!

Before sharing some links to posts that have caught my interest I have a FINISH to share! Wahoo! The Missouri Star Quilt Company inspired Christmas Tree Chevron Quilt is now hanging in our hallway adding to the festive decor 🙂

Christmas Tree Chevron Quilt by Allison Reid

I worked hard earlier in the week to finish the quilting – I’m pleased with the overall effect of all that ‘negative space’ stitching. On Thursday I joined friends at the village hall in Brown Candover for our final sewing day of the year. It was a bright, chilly day – the sunshine brought out beautiful soft tones of colour across the countryside. Once I’d got the binding stitched down and could declare the Tree Quilt finished I put on my coat and nipped outside to take some photos of the quilt in that lovely light. My camera has captured the colours of the quilt much more accurately in these outdoor photos than others I’ve taken indoors.

Chevron Tree Quilt outside (1) by Allison Reid Chevron Tree Quilt outside (2) by Allison Reid Chevron Tree Quilt outside (3) by Allison Reid

A couple of (indoor) photos of the quilting:

Chevron Tree detail (2) by Allison Reid Chevron Tree detail (3) by Allison Reid

And now for some links:

How do you or your local quilt group keep track of the books in the library? Melanie has used a nifty app to make a digital record of her 100 or so books in just 30 minutes! This would surely be a great aid to any quilt group maintaining a library of books for members.

Sticking with Melanie: She has provoked an interesting discussion with her post about evolving patchwork quilting styles/staying with a particular style.

Yvonne has been testing and comparing an Auriful 40wt 3ply thread with their 40wt 2ply thread. She’s planning to machine stitch a wholecloth quilt.

Carol has compiled a blog post jam-packed full of quick makes for Christmas! It’s not too late, you know! 😉

Talking of quick projects how about using Kirsty’s self-binding technique to speed up finishing a quilted project? I’ve used this technique to good effect on several table runners. I like Kirsty’s tip to do lots of the quilting BEFORE adding the backing – I will definitely be applying this tip next time I choose to use the self-binding technique.

Happy stitching!


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