Saturday Quilting Bring & Share (12)

Hello! Welcome to Saturday Quilting Bring & Share. I hope you are keen to make some progress on your chosen project; bring it along to this virtual sewing day and join in the quilty conversations going on across the internet by sharing and following some links today 🙂
Earlier this week I had the excitement of a finish. That’s a good feeling! My project today is to revive a UFO. At the beginning of 2017 I was experimenting with the tube method of making blocks (click here to see Jenny Doan’s tutorial). I made a quilt top, enjoying the precision of the method and the secondary pattern achieved when the the blocks were put together. But then … this quilt got put to one side as I (yet again) chickened out at the quilting stage. When I retrieved it this week it was pin basted, and I’d made a start on stabilising the layers by quilting in the ditch around the inner border and had also ‘stay-stitched’ around the outer edge of the quilt top.
Tube quilt by New Every Morning Patchwork & Quilting
Yesterday I stitched in the ditch following the diagonal lines created by the blocks. So it is all well and truely stabilised. There is nothing for it now but to drop the feed dogs and put on the free motion foot :-/
I’ve come to the conclusion that I have been trying to FMQ patterns on a fairly large scale (more like the all-over pantograph designs used by some longarm quilters). But when I watch demonstrations of FMQ on domestic machines by quilters such as Leah Day, Angela Walters and Christa Watson they are quilting on a much smaller scale. Working on this smaller scale makes it easier to complete smooth curves and keep track of a pattern without having to stop halfway through a shape to re-position hands and/or shift the whole quilt.
So time to practice a new strategy. I’ll be quilting small sections at a time to see if I can achieve better, more controlled results. My main concerns with quilting on a smaller scale are that the quilt could become quite stiff (unquilted it feels beautifully soft – almost fluid) and it may take me ’til Christmas to finish!
I’m hoping that I will finish quilting this project before Christmas 😉 in fact I’m aiming to complete the quilt by the end of April so this is my One Monthly Goal and I’m linking with Patty at Elm Street Quilts for this very popular, project progressing, initiative.
I have had so few finishes this year it is really lovely to catch the up beat buzz from the finishes of others. Beth has some great photos showing the patchwork pattern and quilting texture of a blue and white quilt she has made for her Mother-in-Law.
Here’s a great scrap fabric quilt top. Sharon has a link to the free pattern tutorial called ‘Squares and Strips‘ by Allison Harris aka ‘cluck cluck sew’.
Fancy having a go at spray basting a quilt? Christa Watson has posted a tutorial with lots of tips and photos.
If you like teeny-tiny patchwork then Amanda Jean’s pint size Churn Dash block tutorial is for you – her block finishes at just 4¼” 🙂
Teadoodle’s blog site is full of posts about creative and home DIY projects. Kristie asks the question: ‘Should you DIY it or buy it?’
If you have a project and some links you’d like to bring and share then do use the link button below or leave your thoughts in the comments section 🙂
Happy stitching!

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    • I’m glad it has inspired you! I know it is a technique I will return to – I did make a Christmas table runner in traditional colours using the tube method and it looks good.


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