Saturday Quilting Bring & Share (1)

I’ve been a quilty blogger for just over three years. Last October I missed acknowledging my blog anniversary πŸ™ I had got so busy that my writing just couldn’t keep pace with the multiple quilty projects and activities I had on the go. I missed sitting down to write blog posts. All the time, in my head, I was composing sentences about what I was making and the discoveries I had made via our generous on-line quilty community.
Thankfully over the past few weeks I’ve had very few deadlines to meet. There’s been time to reflect on the past year, readjust priorities, make some plans and let my thoughts wander, pinning down the things that make me tick:

  • Patchwork and quilting makes me tick – designing, making, teaching, learning new techniques.
  • Blog posting makes me tick – I find it compliments my making, gives me space to think through what I’m doing, and gives a platform to share some of the things I’m discovering.
  • Quilting friends make me tick – friends in local groups and friends in the on-line community of quilty bloggers (all making and sharing).

These bullet points have gelled into an idea: Imagine you are going to spend a day sewing with friends. Dress in comfy clothes, pack your project, sewing equipment, lunch and maybe some snacks to share. Spend the day sewing and chatting. Take time to find out about each others projects. As the chat ebbs and flows through the day share what’s going on in the patchwork and quilting world (fabrics, patterns, techniques, piecing tips, on-line tutorials, rulers, books, exhibitions…) – maybe the conversation might drift to what you’ve enjoyed on TV, a DVD or the latest film… a must read book…
Now, keep the above sewing day in mind but translate it into a blog post linky: how about ‘Saturday Quilting Bring & Share’?
Through the week I find lots of inspiring posts, tips and projects shared via the blogs I follow and via internet searches. Do you? Could we share them, almost as though we were joining in conversations at a sewing day? Take a look at each others sewing day project? No need for lots of words (that could be a bit tricky for me) just a great opportunity to share what’s sparked our interest through the week, passing on nuggets and links through a weekly get together.
What d’ya think? I’ll conclude this post with a version of what I have in mind for ‘Saturday Quilting Bring & Share’. I tried to figure out how toΒ  create a linky (with buttons and all) unfortunately my lack of expertise in this whole computer field quickly became apparent! But I didn’t want to give up on the idea. Please do share your thoughts in the comments below. Next week I will post on Saturday inviting any readers to share a link to their version of Saturday Quilting Bring & Share. πŸ™‚
Saturday Quilting Bring & Share (1)
As always I’m working on several projects at once! Today I’m going to concentrate on piecing borders for a quilt I’ve designed. I’m using Moda fabrics from two or three of their 30’s Playtime ranges. The borders of my quilt are 64″ long and I’ve chosen to stitch 2Β½” squares together … There will be some serious chain piecing going on today πŸ˜€
Border fabrics - New Every Morning Patchwork & Quilting
I’ve found plenty of creative inspiration in the blogging world this week.
Have you seen that Leslie at the Seasoned Homemaker has started a series of block tutorials? Her instructions for making a perfect Ohio Star are excellent.
Rachel at Stitched in Color is on a learning curve as she and her husband get to know their new long arm quilting machine. She’s posted her review of the threads she’s used for domestic and long arm quilting.
Beth at Cooking Up Quilts posted a beautifully detailed quilting tutorial. She was inspired to quilt ‘floppy feathers’ after seeing an Instagram post by Rebecca @rubybluequilts. Beth’s quilting looks stunning and her tutorial has inspired me to have a go at these continuous line, no travel-stitching feathers. (Incidentily, I found Leah Day has a more structured but still travel stitch free version of feather stitching here).
I could go on but I don’t want to hog the conversation! I know it’s not good blogging etiquette to add links to comments but, just this once, please do share a link to your post about your Saturday sewing day project in the comment section along with what’s inspired your patchwork and quilting this week.
I look forward to receiving your honest reaction to this linky idea. Many thanks!

6 thoughts on “Saturday Quilting Bring & Share (1)

  1. I’m with you on the parts of the process that “make you tick!” I have trouble balancing making time with blogging time, though both are important to me. And I have trouble blogging concurrently with a project, so readers can see it evolve as I’m working on it. Things to work on…
    Both Leah Day and Angela Walters offer a lot of help for machine quilting, but there are inspirational videos everywhere. Just takes a bit of time and patience to find the ones that will help.
    This last couple of weeks I’ve been working on a new quilting project, as well as getting a bunch of electronic “paperwork” in order. There’s been a lot of stuff for my guild (I’m co-president, on the program committee, and also chairing a bylaws review) and a couple other personal projects, too. One is that I’ve updated my photo galleries. They’re not 100% done, but close enough now to share.
    Thanks, Allison!

    • Thanks for reading and commenting Melanie. I think computers have made ‘paperwork’ easier but there’s no way round it – it still does take a lot of time and effort to keep it all organised! Thank you for the link to galleries. Lovely to look through your inspirational quilts – having followed your blog some are very familiar while others are new to me.

  2. Thanks for the shout-out Allison; I’m looking forward to seeing your feathers! They are so fun to stitch. πŸ™‚ Your Saturday share day sounds amazing – I can just picture a group of women sewing, laughing, chatting, and sharing. Having a virtual share day will be motivating and inspirational, and just plain fun! Unfortunately I don’t have pics of a current project; I’ve been busy working on work projects. But I’m looking forward to checking out the projects that your readers are working on!

  3. I think this is a wonderful idea! I love talking to other quilters {and makers!} about what they’re creating. One of my dreams is to create a crafting village with fabric & craft shops, a coffee & snack shop, & lots of comfy areas for chatting & creating. Today I was catching up on house chores, so I didn’t get to do any sewing – sigh! I don’t typically post on Saturdays, but would you accept a link to an Instagram post? Looking forward to chatting on Saturdays! πŸ™‚

    • Linking with Instagram sounds like a good idea Kristie. A crafting village is a great dream. We have a ‘craft centre’ nearby comprised of converted farm buildings – plenty to see and a very nice tea shop too πŸ™‚


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