Saturday Quilting Bring and Share (82)

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I had a fruitful sewing day with friends on Thursday. I made most of the blocks for my latest version of ‘Dashing Stars’, the quilt pattern written by Viv Poon especially for the Beginners Course run in her shop Purple Stitches. I’m teaching two classes of beginners this term – it is so encouraging to find more people eager to take up patchwork quilting.

Dashing Stars rainbow blocks by Allison Reid
Blocks on my design wall. The gaps are for the blocks I’ll be making as demonstrations in the classes next Saturday.

Dashing Stars rainbow layout EQ7 by Allison ReidFor this version of Dashing Stars I went through my stash looking for fabrics I could use to create a subtle rainbow (is there such a thing as a ‘subtle’ rainbow? :-D) As for the quilt layout, I decided to arrange the blocks by colour diagonally across the 6 x 6 square. Oh!Boy! That did test my brain – trying to keep the colour order and distribute the different blocks evenly across the quilt top! I had just sorted out a plan using EQ7 when, without warning, my laptop shut down – the plan was lost! Doh! I persevered and finally got the layout re-drawn (and saved!) before printing a copy for easy reference.

You may have noticed in the photo of the blocks on my design wall that each one has it’s own label? Last time I made this quilt I thought I’d manage without labeling all of the blocks – I got in a terrible muddle and much unpicking had to happen 🙁 Lesson learned!

Dashing Stars block labels by Allison Reid

My sewing for this weekend is all about finishing the second Square-in-a-Square quilt. I’ve completed the walking foot quilting: in the ditch around the charm squares and wavy lines forming a wide cross hatch pattern all over the quilt centre and through the border. Here’s what the back of the quilt looks like:

Square in a Square 2 quilting on back by Allison Reid

Next step is to switch to free motion quilting, filling the 4½” block centres with a feather swirl. I’m trying to build up muscle memory for this design by drawing it to scale over and over. As you can my feather swirl skills are still very much at the development stage!

Square in a Square 2 drawing feather swirls by Allison Reid

I hope you find much to inspire and interest you in the links listed below:

Myra has opened up the link for the 2020 Quilt Along Directory. If you know of a QAL, or are planning to take part in one, or maybe organising one, why not add the link to this handy Directory?

Carole shares a hot pad pot holder tutorial. I definitely need to sort out some fabric and batting scraps to make some of these simple and very useful kitchen accessories!

Fancy using up scrap fabrics whilst having a help-in-hand with curved piecing? Then Rachel Hauser’s ‘Dear Dottie Sew-Along’ is the perfect project for you!

As a patchwork quilter do you inwardly cringe when you receive a request from a colleague or friend to ‘do a bit of sewing’ for them? Melony writes about this in a post entitled ‘I love sewing, but please don’t ask me to sew…’ I feel her pain and did a little victory dance on reading of her managing a polite ‘No’ to just such a request. (Special note to my daughter – it truly was a pleasure to help out by raising the hems on your dresses 🙂 )

Happy Stitching!


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