Saturday Quilting Bring and Share (65)

Welcome to Saturday Quilting & Share. An opportunity to bring along your projects and thoughts; to share in the conversations grabbing attention in the Worldwide Quilting Community. Do add to the conversations by clicking the links and/or adding your own responses and links in the comments box at the end of this post 🙂

Here in the UK it’s the weekend of the annual National Quilt Championships held at Sandown Racecourse situated on the Western outskirts of London. I’m excited to be going. As a member of the Basingstoke based Roundabout Quilters group I’m especially excited to be going to Sandown as we have entered a quilt into the ‘Group Quilt’ category of the exhibition. I will be sure to take some photos of the quilt in situ 🙂 but if you can’t wait there is a photo of it at the bottom of the ‘About Us’ website page 🙂

In September Roundabout Quilters will be holding our own, biennial, exhibition in Basingstoke, the Group Quilt will be first prize in the charity raffle.

Roundabout Quilters Exhibition flyer 2019 by Allison Reid

Into the Woods runner and blue stash by Allison Reid

I’m not sure I’ll actually get any stitching done on Saturday but my aim over the weekend is to make the six crazy patchwork blocks, add the sashing and border strips in order to complete the patchwork top of the Into the Woods runner. Through this past week I’ve been working on a monochrome version of the runner; making rotary cut blocks and foundation paper pieced blocks. All the while I’ve been checking and tweaking the pattern and rehearsing out loud some of the tips and instructions I’ll be sharing at the workshop in July 😀 I know I can’t be the only person who rehearses talks and teaching sessions in this way…. or am I? 

Into the Woods blue rotary cut and FFP blocks by Allison Reid

My sewing room is looking like a disaster area as a result of rifling through scrap bins and using a variety of equipment to complete the blocks 🙁 Yesterday I snuck away to the allotment for a few hours of respite! Despite not having worked on the allotment plot for two weeks I found the untamed, lush growth gave me a sense of calm. The polar opposite of feelings I’d been experiencing in the untamed muddle of the sewing room!

Here are some links into the Worldwide Quilting Community:

Jayne is hand-quilting a mini quilt. She has used a template and a chalk filled ‘Pounce’ to mark the stitching lines. The lines look clear and easy to follow but she is finding they disappear as she’s handling the quilt. There just doesn’t seem to be a perfect way to mark stitching lines on a quilt does there?

Michelle has published the third part of her series about community titled ‘Giving Back’. She gives ideas for contributing to the quilting community from which we derive so many benefits.

I’m getting ready to take part in the Jelly Roll Wave quilt along organised by Myra at Busy Hands Quilts. I’ve had a look at the pattern – so many sizes to choose from and Myra also gives a choice of two methods for making the blocks. The QAL and link ups start in earnest on 2nd July.

Alyce’s email newsletter is is always an interesting read (join her email list here). This week she shared a link to a Craft Industry Alliance blog post, ‘How to Protect Your social Media Accounts from Hackers‘. The article points out that if an account is hacked it is very likely all the posts, photos and friends/followers we have carefully crafted and nurtured over many years will be lost. Scary! Thankfully the post contains some advice on how to make our accounts more secure. My Instagram account now has ‘two-factor authentication’: using the step by step guide in the Craft Industry Alliance post it took me less than a minute to add this extra security to my account. 🙂

Leanne has risen to the challenge to try something new: she shares her first go at reverse applique. Her two mini quilts bearing the the phrase ‘Do the hard things’ are a colourful testament to her embracing the phrase as she took up the challenge.

Stephanie of ‘Quilt ‘n Party’ has succumbed to the lure of the 100 Days, 100 Blocks QAL organised by Angie. Are you stitching along with this one?

Happy Stitching!


Just had to finish with a couple of photos from our front garden. The lavender ‘Hidcote’ is a gorgeous deep purple variety and it is a bee magnet! This huge clump is made up of three plants that have had a couple of years to get established. The photos can’t capture just how many busy bees there are visiting the flowers at any one time!

Lavender Hidcote by Allison Reid

Lavender Hidcote with bees by Allison Reid


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