Saturday Quilting Bring and Share (62)

Welcome to Saturday Quilting Bring & Share. An opportunity to bring along your project(s) to a virtual sewing day and join in some of the conversations reaching across the Worldwide Quilting Community this past week. Do add your links and thoughts in the comments box at the bottom of this page. Thank you!

Salisbury Cathedral from the North by Allison ReidIn my last blog post I mentioned a planned visit to Salisbury. My lovely Daughter had arranged a day out for the two of us 🙂 We met at Salisbury Railway Station. First job was to deliver my (rather heavy) Pfaff sewing machine to the repair shop at the Franklins sewing and knitting store. My much used machine is in desperate need of a TLC service: although still valiantly soldiering-on it sounds mechanically dry, almost like it’s been left out in the desert and filled up with sand 🙁

Square in a Square border and binding fabrics by Allison ReidOf course while we were in Franklins we spent some time trying to match up fabrics with the Mirabelle fabrics of my current project. It wasn’t easy. I think this range of fabrics is about five years old, maybe more, and the tones and shades of current fabric ranges are completely different. Still in the end we decided these two fabrics should make acceptable borders and binding for the pair of Square in a Square quilts I’m making.

Before we left the shop I had a chance to pet my dream machine – a Juki 2200 *sigh*

Me with my dream Juki by Allison Reid

Once out of Franklins we headed through the picturesque market town to the Cathedral Close. The building was closed – apparently Darcey Bussell was filming some dance awards or something… Never mind we walked around the Cloisters and caught an unusual view of the famous spire.

Salisbury Cathedral spire from the cloisters by Allison Reid

We also watched a live-cam view of a Peregrine falcon tending his/her four chicks on their nest somewhere high up on the building (I guess to a bird the Medieval Gothic architecture is a good match for a rugged cliff face!). There are updates on the Peregrine Falcon family on the Salisbury Cathedral Facebook page.

We lunched at the Museum Cafe – just a quick step across the Cathedral Close – a good choice; a very peaceful setting and the food was beautifully fresh and tasty. From there we used a map to find a walk that took us away from the City centre and into the quiet of the surrounding water meadows. We caught more views of the Cathedral Spire as we took time to enjoy the riverside parks and woodlands.

Salisbury Cathedral spire from the River Nadder by Allison Reid

Back home, my Saturday/weekend project is to cut up my two new fabrics to make borders and binding for the pair of Square in a Square quilt tops I have in the making. I wonder what you are working on this weekend?

Here’s a super smooth transition from my borders into the conversations links, starting with Jayne’s borders: 😉

Jayne made a really bold choice when she selected a fabric for the borders of her colourful quilt. The way she has placed the pattern works brilliantly.

Have you ever considered taking a sewing machine on an aeroplane as hand luggage. Alyce shares how she prepared and managed her sewing machine on board flights in Australia.

Patty has plenty of experience in what she titles ‘modern traditionalism’. In this post she shares her passion for making quilts using traditional blocks with modern settings and layouts.

Do you remember in a previous post I shared a link to Yvonne’s post about finding inspiration and accepting challenges posed in a design group? She shared a photo the group were using – a front on view of a rusty old truck. In this post Yvonne shares the quilt she has created and explains the decisions she made along the way as she created a quilt from elements of what she saw in the photo.

Michelle also used a photo of a piece of machinery as her quilt design inspiration. The pattern for her quilt ‘Tread’ is available from the Modern Quilt Guild.

With the temperatures rising in the Northern hemisphere Suzi has some useful tips for sewing lightweight cotton Lawn fabrics.

Happy Stitching!


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