Saturday Quilting Bring and Share (56)

Happy Easter! And welcome to a belated Saturday quilting Bring & Share. It’s not too late to bring along our projects and share in some of the news and great inspiration doing the rounds of the Worldwide Quilting Community. Please do click on the links and go find something inspiring. Add your thoughts and links in the comments box at the end of this post. Thank you!

Scrappy Trip Along quilting in progress by Allison ReidMy sewing week was dominated – to the point of obsession – by a self-imposed deadline to finish the Scrappy Trip Along quilt. I wrote a bit about my ‘trial by quilting’ in my previous post. Despite my resolve to enjoy the process I have to confess that I did not find stitching out my chosen patterns very satisfying. I could only see the uneven stitching and the less than smooth curves, I also started fretting about the quilting being too dense, taking away the soft, cuddly feel of the quilt. All-in-all a rather tense week.

I finally finished the free motion quilting on Saturday and turned my attention to the borders. I decided to preserve my sanity and do some simple walking foot quilting. It felt so good just following the zigzag line I’d marked out using a Chaco marker and a triangle ruler 🙂

Scrappy Trip Along marking the border quilting by Allison Reid

Scrappy Trip Along binding by Allison ReidTo make the binding I used some left-over fabrics including the backing strips trimmed away when I squared up the quilt. I do like a scrappy binding! The quilt measures 57″ wide by 75″ long. Apart from the border fabrics all of the materials used were from my stash. Lessons I’ve learned from this quilt: I enjoy the process of making the Trip Around the World blocks (I will be making another!); pinning the quilt sandwich very densely did reduce problems of puckering; free motion quilting was a challenge on such a large and ‘busy’ quilt; I feel much more relaxed using a walking foot for this size quilt – I will investigate quilting more varied patterns using a walking foot; a bit of determination can bring about a finish (but I need to work on my attitude while I’m doing it!). Oh! A little ‘post-script’: I discovered I do like using my free motion foot to stitch out lettering! It’s something I thought I’d never add to a quilt but I did stitch out the recipients names in the narrow border at the bottom of the quilt. It was quite easy, I wonder if this is because writing is so deeply ingrained in muscle-memory?

Scrappy Trip Along Tim and Anna by Allison Reid

And here’s the weirdest thing: I was so absorbed in finishing the #scrappytripalong2019 quilt that I didn’t once think about other projects! After the final stitches went into the binding I really didn’t know what to turn to next. I filled this unusual hiatus by cleaning and tidying my sewing room 🙂

PS Quilt Club Blocks on design wall by Allison ReidNow I’ve had time to recover from the intensity of the past week my mind has turned to the Quilt Club blocks stuck up on my design wall. Me thinks it is time to move this project on – sashing and border fabrics need to be decided upon and added to complete the top…


Here are some links to just a little taste of the quilty inspiration so generously shared by the Worldwide Quilting Community:

I’ve added another book to my wish list: Quilts with an Angle by Sheila Christensen. A whole new world of 60° angles is revealed…

Amy shares some handy tips for attaching binding to quilts. Her method of securing mitred corners is definitely worth a try..

Rachel has made a delightful quilt top from scraps and is thinking through ideas for the border(s). I really like the patchwork pattern. Definitely adding this to my store of scrap quilt ideas.

Linking with Cheryl for April Favourite Finish Monthly.

Happy Stitching!


Phew! The recipients seem pleased with the quilt 🙂 Happy 5th Anniversary to Dear Daughter and Son-In-Law.

Scrappy Trip Along with it's new owners by Allison Reid


9 thoughts on “Saturday Quilting Bring and Share (56)

  1. I LIKE your free motion quilting designs in the interior of your quilt and your lines in the border are a great compliment to the inner quilting. I bet the next quilting process will find you happier with your curves and design. Well done on your finish!

    • Thanks for your encouragement Terry. The only way to build a skill is to keep practicing so I hope that the experience of quilting the Scrappy Trip Along quilt will have improved my skills. I must be careful to do more fmq very soon.

  2. Stopping by from Cheryl’s Favorite Finish linky party. Your scrappy trip is lovely and adding the names in the border is a very special touch. I made a scrappy trip earlier this year and hope to make another later in the year. It’s a fun pattern with a lot of options as to how it looks. So far I think I’ve made 4 total although 2 still need quilting.

    • Thank you for taking a look at my blog post and your kind comments Anne. I think the Trip Around the World block has a lot of mileage with so many layout choices.I hope you get a lot of enjoyment out of making another scrappy quilt using this block – I’m sure I will too 🙂

  3. Great job mixing up the fabrics for these blocks. Fantastic quilting! (And yay for words/names quilted in!) Such a great gift and it sure looks like they appreciate it!

    • Hi! Lisa! Thank you! It’s hard for us to look at our own work without being critical isn’t it? I’m sure when other people see your patchwork quilts they are full of admiration and praise 🙂 We just have to keep practicing and remember to enjoy the process (I need to listen to my own words!). Happy quilting, Allison


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