Saturday Quilting Bring and Share (285)

Welcome to Saturday Quilting Bring & Share. As the weekend draws to a close it’s not too late to bring along your projects(s) and join in the sharing going on throughout our Worldwide Quilting Community. Use the links below to find inspiration and leave your encouraging thoughts and ideas in the comments boxes of the blog pages you visit 🙂

There’s been more class prep than stitching going on in my sewing room this past week. The Beginners class on Saturday went well. As well as dishing out the homework I have brought some home to do too.

I started a new quilt top to sew along with the class. The pretty floral and butterfly fabrics along with the bright pink Bumbleberries blender were purchased from Jo at Love and Legacy Quilts. I have cut out all the squares and now need to piece the centre of the quilt ready to demonstrate how to add borders at the next class in two weeks time.

The Rainbow Scrap Challenge colour for March is yellow. I don’t have a great variety of yellow scraps but I will see if I can find a few more in my strings bin before purchasing any fabrics specially for the quilt – which is meant to be a scrap quilt after all!

Trip Around the Stars design by Allison Reid

In other news I have a broken tooth 😟 Of course this happened on Saturday morning – why do these things always happen on a weekend? Thankfully, despite loosing a chunk of tooth and most of the filling from it there is no nerve pain to endure, just a very sharp piece of tooth that catches my tongue when I’m eating. A vicious and effective dieting tool! So securing a dental appointment is top priority this week. Yes! Even more important than making progress on any of the four versions of my ‘Trip Around the Stars’ pattern I now have on the go! I won’t even try to explain how I’ve ended up making another four versions of this quilt or try to calculate how many copies of the pattern I will need to sell to re-coup the cost of all the fabrics! 😳

Here’s a selection of the blog posts I’ve been reading and learning from over the past week. Enjoy!

Pin basting vs spray basting? Emily Dennis acknowledges some disadvantages to using spray baste whilst concluding that for her the spray produces much smoother, pucker free quilting than using pins. In her blog post she describes her spray basting method as well providing two video demonstrations. I think watching the second video, ‘How to Spray Baste a Quilt‘, would be a helpful introduction to this method of basting as Emily provides plenty of tips at an easy pace to follow.

Elizabeth has been experimenting with glues to baste her quilts. In this blog post she shares her method using *Elmer’s Washable School Glue. Interesting! *As far as I can make out Elmer’s Washable School Glue is the same as generic PVA glues but I’m ready to be corrected on this…

Jayne’s choice of red fabrics to make the setting triangles to complete her latest quilt top is inspired. She’s understandably pleased with the finished flimsy and it’s a great example of a quilt design evolving rather than being a set pattern from the get-go.

Patchwork bookmarks? I didn’t know these were a thing! But JanineMarie assures us there are patterns to be found on the internet and she discovered they are a perfect sewing project to do with her grandchildren. Here’s a patchwork bookmark tutorial on the QuiltersCandy website.

Mariana has made a stitch-and-flip patchwork cushion (pillow) cover using 1″ – 2″ scrappy strips. Her tutorial includes directions for making the patchwork blocks and the envelope back cushion cover.

QAL alert! The Wave Pool BOM QAL designed and hosted by Sherry at poweredbyquilting is a clever mix of traditional blocks in a modern(ish) layout. Sherry will be providing tips in her blog posts as well as live tutorials to watch as the BOM QAL progresses.

March is Worldwide Quilting Month 🙂 Carole’s blog post whet’s our appetite for the international event. She share’s her experience of meeting quilters from around the world via a Zoom retreat. I wonder how many of these on-line retreats might be going on? Particularly over the weekend of March 19th (International Quilter’s Day)?

Happy Stitching!



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  1. I love the Trip Around the Stars quilt! I have just finished my own starry quilt but can’t share until it’s been gifted!


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