Saturday Quilting Bring and Share (271)

Welcome to Saturday Quilting Bring & Share. This week fashionably late on a sunny Sunday afternoon 😁 Bring along your project(s) and take part in the generous sharing of tips, ideas and encouragements that our Worldwide Quilting Community is just so good at doing! Do add to the community by leaving a message in the comments box of any blog sites you visit using the links below 🙂

I’ve been busy creating an I-Spy quilt using my I-Spy Shadow Quilt pattern. The top came together really easy. When it came to finding wadding and backing I had two nice surprises: 1. I had an off-cut of Hobbs 80/20 just the right size for this project; and 2. I found the extra wide backing I’d bought was just the right amount to make TWO I-Spy quilts. So what could I do but purchase some background fabrics and set to making another quilt top? 😀 The second set of blocks are now arranged up on the design wall ready to be stitched together.

This coming week I’m hoping to baste both I-Spy quilts but my sewing room priority has to be preparing for the third part of the Beginners Course I’ll be teaching on Saturday. We’ll be turning our attention away from patchwork piecing to quilting.

Here are this week’s links into the Worldwide Quilting Community:

Sharon has shared her glue basting method. She uses Elmer’s Washable Glue Sticks and her ironing board. This is a new method to me! No nasty fumes or sticky mess from spray baste so that’s got to be an advantage. Have you tried using different glues for basting? Successful or not?

Christa Watson shares some great tips and tutorials for making pieced backings for quilts. Lots of handy information and inspiration in her blog posts and the links she’s provided.

If you are a sucker for Autumn sunsets then your are in for a treat! JanineMarie shares progress with her patchwork projects, followed by a selection of photos of a recent holiday by the sea – quite beautiful 🙂

A few weeks ago I was toying with the idea of machine piecing a hexagon and triangle quilt. It would have been a very distracting squirrel project so maybe it was just as well I discovered my hexagon and triangle rulers were not perfectly sized for each other…. Rachel Hauser is hosting a QAL using a similar pattern idea that even includes paper templates or specially made acrylic templates. In this post she show cases a full sized bed-quilt she’s made using a multitude of floral fabrics.

The title of Joni’s post is ‘The WIPs Are Stacking Up…Again!’ At the start of 2021 she had a clean slate, no projects on the go. Now there are 14 WIPs on her list! I can sympathize! For me finishing a project requires a lot of mental effort whereas being distracted by bright shiny new projects… Well! That’s easy! Are you a focussed finisher or easily distracted by the appeal of the new, bright and shiny?

Lorna has been sharing some of her latest quilts. I find many of her animal patterns very appealing. I particularly like the fox and deer faces with their huge ears.

Myra is a prolific pattern writer, specialising in pre-cut friendly and quick to make strip-piecing techniques. One of her latest patterns features large flying geese blocks and topically for this time of year is called ‘Formation‘. Definitely has me thinking of migrating geese flying overhead.

Linking with Alycia, who has finished a giant modern Monkey Wrench patchwork for Quilts Of Valour, for Finished or Not Friday .

Happy Stitching!


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