Saturday Quilting Bring and Share (255)

Welcome to Saturday Quilting Bring & Share. Bring along your project(s) and share in the inspiration and conversations running through our friendly and generous Worldwide Quilting Community. I hope you will find all sorts of routes through what’s being shared by clicking a few of the links in the second half of this post 🙂

Here in the UK we are enjoying a Bank Holiday weekend. Unfortunately the weather seems to be ignoring the holiday and staying rather cool. In fact last month was the frostiest April in 60 years. It must also have been one of the driest for us in the South. Oh! How our local Woodpigeons enjoyed the rain when it finally arrived on Wednesday 😀

Woodpigeons sat on our fence in the pouring rain!

The birds have been providing plenty of entertainment over the past week. Last Sunday ‘our’ male Blackbird arrived in the garden with two chicks that must have been having their first trip away from their nest. They stood around looking slightly bemused, opening their bills into wide and colourful gapes whenever Dad arrived with a morsel. One of his favourite treats is fresh pear kindly provided each day by my DH. By Wednesday the two fledglings were beginning to forage for themselves and have clearly inherited their parents love of pear.

As for sewing this week… Well! I have missed the ‘deadline’ for the English Country Garden QAL but not by much. This morning I hand appliqued the fourth and final flower to the block. It still feels a little strange mixing English Paper Piecing with applique. Of the methods suggested by Alison Stothard I’ve chosen to leave the stiff papers in place behind the shapes, applique them to the background fabric and then cut the fabric on the back to slide out the papers. I think this method is helping me to keep the shapes in place and I’m finding it quicker than doing needle turn applique. It has taken a while to get used to cutting holes in the background fabric though!

This afternoon I made a start on quilting the block (the QAL involves using the Quilt-As-You-Go method of construction). I am enjoying quilting each block individually rather than manoeuvring an entire quilt through my sewing machine. I used one of the Celtic Knot stencils provided with the latest edition of Today’s Quilter to create the quilted motif in the centre of the block.

Walking foot echo quilting and stencil motif complete. Ready to fill in the background with FMQ meander.

I should finish this Forget-me-not block over the weekend. Then maybe I will flex my muscles before basting and quilting the Rainbow Scrap Challenge quilt that has been abandoned on the sofa bed in the sewing room all week…

Here are the promised links into our Worldwide Quilting Community:

Teresa shares her favourite sewing hacks. All you need to join in is a large paperclip, a reel of painters tape and a pack of drinking straws!

It’s a while since I shared a link to a new patchwork book so I was really pleased to see Cheryl Brickey over at Meadow Mist Designs is sharing details of her book, ‘Just One Charm Pack Quilts’, with a release date in June and provision of signed copies and extra patterns through a pre-sale offer. Cheryl’s also shared a link to a short video she’s made all about Just One Charm Pack Quilts.

Last week the level of untidiness in my sewing room passed the tipping point, I had to suspend sewing to have a clear up. It wasn’t just the heaps of fabrics, the WIPs and the ‘not sure what to do with this’ items scattered around the room that got to me; it was seeing the dust lying on the exposed surfaces and knowing the net curtain was overdue for a wash. All of these combined to crush creativity, taking the ‘happy’ out of my Happy Space 🙁 The ‘tidy up’ turned into as close as I ever get to a Spring Clean. Furniture was moved, feather dusters were employed, spiders were evicted and the window as well as the curtain was cleaned! Now my room looks tidy, I know it’s clean, I’m not altogether sure where everything is 😉 but no doubt I’ll find things when the room hits ‘tipping point’ again! 😀 All this by way of an introduction to Rachel’s ‘Grand Sewing Studio tour’ blog post. Well worth a peek!

If, like me, you are afraid of quilt math then you may need to take a deep calming breath before reading Shelley’s post about how she designed her on-point Gingham Les Fleurs Quilt BUT it’s worth facing your fear because Shelley’s detailed post is a great resource.

Amy Friend shares her latest foundation pieced block designs featuring a Bee and a Ladybug/Ladybird. They would make great additions to a child’s quilt or one featuring flowers.

Alyce has also launched a set of foundation pieced patterns with a summery theme. The Frosty Friends collection features characterful ice cream cones, lollies and iced treats.

Linda has enjoyed making a bag using the Selene pattern by Bagstock Designs. She’s used bright fabrics by Alison Glass to perfection. I’m wondering if I could make a bag? Lots of new skills to learn… I still find zips a bit scary! Actually I’ve just had a quick look at the Bagstock Designs website and see it’s full of lovely patterns (I’ve just downloaded a free tote bag pattern) and helpful video tutorials 🙂

Linking this post with Alycia for Finished or Not Friday. Alycia sounds a little shocked that she’s pushed a long standing UFO through to a finish!

Happy Stitching!


5 thoughts on “Saturday Quilting Bring and Share (255)

    • You are welcome! It always makes me happy to see that visitors to my blog have made use of the links. The Forget-me-nots are running riot over my allotment patch at the moment. I count them as groundcover/weed suppressants and enjoy the way they pop up every year!


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