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Summer Mist quilt top

Despite my best efforts, the end of the week seems to look very like the beginning! I should know by now that I’m not a speedy patchwork quilter; projects rarely turn from plan to finish without at least one period of procrastination, a hic-up in a part of the process or the intervention of a shiny new project! I tried very hard to stay on task this week, the tasks just took longer, much longer, than expected.

After a bit of a marathon effort on Friday evening I did manage to push the Rainbow Scrap Challenge quilt top to a conclusion. Before falling into bed I also cut out the backing and wadding for the quilt AND cut out, pieced and made a label for the ‘Squirrel’ quilt which now has a name, ‘Summer Mist’.

First thing this morning I cleared a space on the sitting room floor and laid out the Rainbow quilt sandwich. Looking at the size of it, 64″ x 80″, common sense intervened.

There is no way I’m going to be able to quilt this monster in the coming week.

I turned my attention to Summer Mist instead – a much more manageable quilting project. I attached the label to the backing and made the binding before we headed to the allotment for a couple of hours. When we got home I pin basted the quilt sandwich – lifting it off the sitting room floor and putting the sofas back in place with minutes to spare before the coverage of the Duke of Edinburgh’s funeral began on TV. Maybe I will finish this little quilt before the end of the week? I do hope so, I need a finish! In the rush I forgot to take a photo of the quilt sandwich so here’s a pic of a jigsaw that got me and our youngest son puzzling all over the Easter break – the foreground foliage and flowers were really difficult!

From a linoprint by Annie Soudain called ‘Midsummer Morning’

Back-tracking a bit… In England non-essential shops re-opened on Monday. I spent most of the day working in Purple Stitches. It was so good to be back amongst all the beautiful fabrics, to greet customers/friends and begin to get back in the retail groove again 🙂 Through the day I found myself constantly mis-laying my pencil & notepad, my mask and my phone. It got me thinking an apron with deep pockets could be the solution. No shortage of fabric choices in the shop 😀 But what about the pattern? I like the ‘artisan style’ with cross over straps. I found a series, How to Sew a Cross Back Apron, by Mary of the Daily Sew on You Tube. Maybe… Or there’s the Artisan Apron pattern by Janet Clare but that seems to involve dressmaking skills (I have no knowledge of dressmaking!). Or maybe I should just push all these thoughts of aprons to the back of my mind and concentrate on finishing a quilt? 😀

Here are a few links to get you started on a trip through the Quilty World:

Rachel is forming ideas for a new quilt design and shares a bit of her process and how the design and her fabrics influence her choices. In this later post Rachel has started making her Economy Star blocks and shares her willingness to change course as she sees how the fabrics work together.

Isn’t it funny how a fabric design can transport your thoughts back in time? Rebecca Grace has used fabric prints depicting characters from the long-running TV show Sesame Street to make a very cheerful charity quilt. I’m smiling as I type, remembering watching Sesame Street as a child and then watching it with my own children. Did you have a favourite character? I liked floppy eared Rowlf the Dog.

Nancy hand quilts so her projects can take quite a while to finish. In this post she shares a quilt made for a grandchild that she’s finished in just three months. It is very sweet and the quilting designs add wonderful texture and interest to the patchwork. Towards the end of her post Nancy gives us a glimpse of the notebook she uses to record details of each of her projects – such a good idea!

Patty has made a table-top tidy bag to keep her sewing notions in one place. I’m in awe of the way she’s matched the plaid fabric on the pockets!

Linking with Alycia for Finished or Not Friday. The link up is full of interesting and inspiring patchwork and quilting projects.

Happy Stitching!


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  1. Your rainbow quilt is amazing!! And Summer mist is so intriguing!!! Glad things are opening up for you!! I love that . So my favorite apron is one that ties on your waist and has pockets – maybe that would help you not lose everything haha!!


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