Saturday Quilting Bring and Share (247)

Welcome to a belated edition of Saturday Quilting Bring & Share. I hope you have been having some stitching fun this weekend. Bring along your project(s) and share in the some of the quilty goodness offered to us by other members of our Worldwide Quilting Community. Please do click on the links below and join in the conversations by leaving an encouraging word or two in the comment boxes at the end of any posts that inspire you.

I-Spy Puzzle Quilt. The quilt sandwich showing wonky, non- squared edges.

I’ve been absorbed in making a(nother) Scrap Vortex style quilt. I’m calling this one the ‘I-Spy Puzzle Quilt’ as I’ve included lots of pieces of novelty fabrics. Joining all the blocks together created quite a puzzle for me… But once joined and basted (to Hobbs 80/20 wadding and a pieced backing) the quilting was easy to complete – just a simple diamond grid.

Once quilted there’s the tricky task of squaring up the quilt. As none of the blocks are finished with right angle corners it follows that the sides and top and bottom edges are not parallel. I had been careful to stitch larger scraps to the outer edges of the blocks in the hope that as I trimmed to square it there wouldn’t be tiny pieces and lumpy seams exposed right on the edges of the quilt. On the whole this strategy worked fairly well although I was left with one little area where the wadding was exposed. Rather than trim the entire side of the quilt still further I decided to make a ‘stitch & flip’ repair.

I selected a strip of fabric long enough to lay across the wadding and hang off the corner (thus avoiding having to hand stitch the ends of the patch) and attached it with quarter inch seam.

I then flipped the strip along the seam so it was right side up. I trimmed the overhanging edges before continuing the lines of quilt stitching across the stitch and flip patch.

Yesterday evening I made a label to stitch in the binding so I’m ready to complete this little quilt.

During the week I’d been fretting about finishing the February block of the English Country Garden QAL. Yesterday I finally managed to stitch down the centre flower. I will definitely switch from s-l-o-w hand applique to more speedy machine quilting in a bid to keep up with this quilt-as-you-go QAL.

Here is my selection of links into the Worldwide Quilting Community. I hope you find plenty to inspire you:

The IG Designer Collaboration 2 began on 1st March. Jude of Just Jude Designs has organised three UK based designer friends to take part. They’ll each choose one of their own designs for the other friends (Jo Avery, Sonia Spence & Katy Cameron) to make and share on IG and their blogs. First up is Sonia Spence @fabricandflowers. Her circular block, ‘Automatica’, reminds me of a camera shutter.

Melanie has been researching the effect of the recent USA ban on some imports of Chinese cotton on the retail price of quilting fabric.

Rebecca is busy making a quilt with a deadline – her son’s graduation. The quilt blocks and the fabrics Rebecca has chosen make a stunning design. As she’s been curating the fabrics Rebecca has realised her choices have been inspired by some of the paintings of the artist Claude Monet. She poses these questions,

‘So now I’m curious.  Do you feel that you generally have awareness of everything that is influencing your creative choices?  Or, like me, do you sometimes think you are creating something without any particular inspiration and only realize afterwards that what you’re making was heavily influenced by something you’ve seen somewhere else?

Izzy has been tackling her scrap fabrics to piece a postage stamp rainbow. As she points out these scrap quilts never seem to help us empty our scrap bins but I think it’s a fun way to try out different patterns or techniques.

Michelle has been working on a long term scrap fabric project. She concentrated on using up her cool coloured scraps, combining them with lots of low volume scraps to make a very attractive ‘Granny Square’ lap quilt.

Piecing and quilting a King Size quilt is quite an undertaking. Jan has made a ‘Buffalo Plaid King Quilt‘. She used wool batting and decided the quilt’s first wash would be best done in a full size laundromat machine rather than in her home machine. The batting and the linen weave patchwork fabrics shrank a whole 7″ in that first wash!

I generally associate Angela Walters with free motion quilting but she is also a quilt designer. This episode of the Midnight Quilter features her pattern for making a t-shirt quilt. The video includes lots of helpful tips about preparing the t-shirts as well as directions to make the  blocks that space the t-shirt blocks and create a pattern around them.

Using a Charm Pack to make a table runner is a great idea and Bobbi’s ‘Serenity Path’ pattern suits modern, bright fabrics well but I’m sure it could also be used with more traditional colours and prints. The pattern includes instructions to ‘spin the seams’ which helps all the intersections lie flat. There’s a how to spin seams video tutorial included in the blog post 🙂

And lastly, Jo Westfoot is gearing up for the start of her ‘FMQ Builder’ course. Participants of her ‘Joyful and Confident Free Motion Quilting’ class had a successful time learning the basic skills of FMQ via Jo’s Online Sewing School. She will be providing the same mix of recorded videos and live classes over 5 weeks to teach students how to progress beyond basic flowing curves & meanders to more intricate FMQ designs including flowers and feathers. From personal experience I know Jo is a patient and effective tutor with a passion for sharing her love of FMQ. I am proud to have an affiliate link with Jo 🙂

Linking with Cynthia for her Oh! Scrap! linky. She has started work on blocks for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge – this month the colour is green.

Happy Stitching!


And just a few glimpses of Spring for Laura and others who are still in the grip of Winter. The green shoots will soon be appearing! I went for a power walk the other day, stopping only to take these photos.

Leaves beginning to open on a Hawthorn.

And wild flowers opening to the sun despite being buffeted by a chill NE wind.


3 thoughts on “Saturday Quilting Bring and Share (247)

  1. What has influenced and inspired me? Hmm. I definitely prefer traditional patterns. I think my lifetime in the countryside and gardening career plays a big part in this. Also, as a teenager in the 70s (a wannabe hippy) I loved all those lovely Indian batiks and also the Laura Ashley prints. I’ve never really let go of that. I don’t get on with modern patterns and novelty prints so much. Maybe I will when I’ve got grandchildren! I really love Jo Avery’s garden birds and am very tempted to have a try. Maybe I should do an appliqué course after my follow on female with Jo Westfoot! The list of things I want to try is long!

    • I’m always drawn to the traditional block patterns too – at school my doodles were more often than not tessellating shapes. Over the last few years I’ve embraced some aspects of modern patchwork – I prefer to have open spaces between complicated blocks and shy away from large prints.
      One of the things I really enjoy about patchwork quilting are all the ‘side shoots’ that come with it. For ages I resisted applique but having done a half day course I’m hooked! Even EPP! Never thought I’d pick that up again (as a teenager I used the St Michael book of Handcrafts to learn patchwork! Do you remember when M&S had their own range of books?) So definitely enjoy branching out and trying new things! The FMQ course with Jo will be an eye-opener and I’m sure you’ll be amazed at what you can do!


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