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Welcome to Saturday Quilting Bring & Share. Bring along your project(s) and enjoy the inspiration, tips and conversations being shared by other members of our Worldwide Quilting Community. Do click on the links below and don’t be shy about leaving comments here or on the pages you visit 🙂

I haven’t done much sewing at all this week. Most of my sewing time has been spent cutting and collating fabrics for the novelty square packs listed in my Etsy Shop. I have to admit I have also been procrastinating re. the bed runner I’m making for my parent’s Diamond Wedding Anniversary…. Anyhow! This morning I cleaned my sewing machine before cutting out the backing fabric and wadding for the runner. So, my project for this weekend is to baste the runner and then overcome my fear of spoiling the project with my less than perfect quilting.

I thought I’d share a tip about a really useful gadget I use when cleaning my machine. It’s a right-angled or ‘off-set’ screwdriver.

This makes removing the needle plate on a sewing machine very straightforward, unlike the tools manufacturers supply with sewing machines. You know, the screwdriver that is too tall to fit under the throat of the machine or the little coin-like screwdriver that isn’t strong enough to turn the screws? Grrr!

I’ve just checked online to find right-angled screwdrivers – they are available for less than £5 in all the usual hardware stores -definitely worth the investment.

As you can see it is a good idea to regularly remove the needle plate to clear out all the fluff and dust that accumulates under and around the feed dogs.

Here are some of the interesting and inspiring posts that have caught my attention this week:

I’m a sucker for all things Autumn 🙂 So Amy Friend’s latest foundation paper pieced patterns were bound to catch my attention. She’s used the acorn and leaf patterns to make a table topper. It really is very attractive.

Rachel has some great tips and information re. making soft, cuddly quilts. I found her post a really helpful read. I struggle a bit with the dense line quilting used on many modern quilts. I like the texture the dense quilting adds to the patchwork design but … that texture must surely flatten the wadding and make the quilt stiff? I tend to stitch quilting lines about 2″ apart to keep the quilt soft and flexible whilst compromising on the fact that the fabric will ‘bubble’ up a bit and not look as beautifully flat as it might if quilted more densely.

Fancy chinks of inspiration and flashes of challenge? Definitely take a look at Teri’s review of MJ Kinman’s ‘Gemstone Quilts Creating Fire & Brilliance in Fabric, Step by Step‘. The use of colour in these quilts to depict highly detailed gemstones, reflecting and refracting light is just amazing!

Many modern quilt designs feature semi-circular blocks. Curved piecing isn’t as scary as you might think. Alyce has produced a short, easy to follow video to demonstrate the skill and her blog post contains some tips that newbies and more experienced ‘piecers’ alike will find helpful.

Janome UK are organising a quilt-making mentoring scheme called ‘The Big Janome Skill Share’. If you are new to quilting or would like to mentor someone through making their first quilt then take a look at the website – closing date to join is 31st Dec but if you’d like to win a free place then you’ll need to apply by 30th November.

The Crafty Nomad 2021 BOM Dashing Dutchman it’s not too late to sign up for Jo Westfoot’s 2021 BOM, The Dashing Dutchman. The quilt design includes a variety of techniques so will provide plenty of interest for experienced as well as beginner quilters. Jo will be ready to give guidance and tips via a Facebook group and video tutorials. This link is my affliate link with the BOM. Take a tour of Jo’s shop – she has a lovely selection of patterns, sewing related greetings cards and enamel pins.

Happy Stitching!


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    • Ha! Ha! My husband read my blog post and asked if I’d found the screwdriver in his tool box. I reminded him that he gave it to me several years ago when he saw me struggling to remove the needle plate on my machine! I don’t think he meant for me to return it….


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