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Wahoo! It’s a finish! ‘Black Coffee in Bed’, a long time resident of the UFO Cupboard of Shame, has been released from the darkness and stitched to a finish…

Or so I thought… *sigh*

I decided to machine stitch the binding to this rather large quilt (81″ x 64″) using the ‘In-the-Ditch’ method I wrote about a few weeks ago. You may remember I had a go at the time with a binding strip cut 2ΒΌ” wide – that proved to be too narrow with the stitching failing to catch the binding on the back of the quilt? For this, my second attempt, I cut binding strips 2Β½” wide, joined them together and pressed the strip in half in the usual fashion. I attached the binding to the FRONT of the quilt, raw edges to raw edges, using a ΒΌ” seam. Next I used binding clips to fold the binding to the back of the quilt, making sure the edge of the binding covered the line of stitching showing on the back. Time for the In-the-Ditch bit… Working from the FRONT of the quilt I carefully stitched along the ‘ditch’ where the edge of the binding folds away from the borders of the quilt.

In-the-Ditch stitching on the quilt front.

I checked the back of the quilt fairly often to make sure the In-the-Ditch stitches on the front were catching the binding and securing it to the back of the quilt. It was looking good, very neat in fact πŸ™‚

Binding on the back of the quilt being stitched in place by the In-the-Ditch stitching from the front of the quilt.

And so I declared the quilt finished! Cleaned my sewing machine, changed the thread, foot and settings ready for some piecing (I have another project in sight…). Not only that! I got so inspired by my finish that I cleaned and tidied my sewing room! I know! Gasps of amazement all round! πŸ˜€

The next morning I thought I’d better check round the binding on the quilt, cutting off any stray threads caught in the stitching and just making sure my In-the-Ditch stitching had caught all the binding on the back. Doh! Doh! and Double Doh!

One of the places the In-the-Ditch stitches didn’t catch the binding on the back

There are half a dozen short sections where the binding is not secured down. Apart from the nuisance there’s the double bother of having to reset the sewing machine and put on hold my next project. After a quick rethink I’ve decided I’ll get a neater finish by stitching down those gaps by hand. It would be very difficult to get the stitching line to look continuous using the machine whilst working ‘blind’ from the front of the quilt. Yep! Finishing this quilt has become a hand-stitching project. Watch this space!

Which of course means I can start my next project. Over the coming week(s) I’ll share with you my first wobbly steps into the world of Bargello quilts.

Moda Jelly Roll – Circulus by Jen Kingwell

Now for a juicy selection of inspiration from the Worldwide Quilting Community:

It’s funny how momentum can be lost as a switch is made from one stage of the quilt making process to the next. Rachel has complied a list of 8 Ideas for Making a Quilt Backing. Keep the ideas handy and avoid getting stuck on the what-to-do-about-a-backing question.

Angie, the Gnome Angel, has an annual 100 Days – 100 Blocks event. The 2020 event will begin on 1st July. There are two patterns to choose from with lots of options: rotary cut piecing, foundation piecing, EPP… Angie is using the challenge to foster community via #100Days100Blocks2020 on Instagram and Facebook. Making so many blocks might seem a bit daunting but it does provide a fantastic learning experience as new techniques are practised, there’ll be plenty of inspiration and people to cheer you on via the hashtag πŸ™‚

Lorna has shared another of her pictorial designs. It is called ‘Home’ and includes the word along with bird houses, garden creatures and a few cheeky gnomes.

If like me you follow quite a few quilty blogs you may be aware that the ‘Blogger’ platform is undergoing some big changes. Many blog writers are struggling to adjust to the new format. Read Nancy’s post to find out more and in the meantime let’s give these Blogger bloggers our patient sympathy –Β  I do hope none are lost to the technological upheaval.

I have long admired Katy’s ability to finish quilting projects – her output is pretty prolific. Not all the blocks or tops are her own though, she has a knack for sourcing vintage quilts that need some work and love to finally become ‘finishes’. She has recently bought a set of vintage blocks and a quilt top to add to her to-do pile.

Linking with Alycia for Finished (or Not Friday) – or in my case ‘I thought it was finished but it’s not’!


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