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I must confess the cover has remained on my sewing machine for most of this week. We’ve had a couple of days out – a real treat in these times of limited travel and social distancing. My husband fulfilled my birthday wish and took us on a woodland walk. It turned out to be the last day of a run of of warm, sunny weather. Walking (or sitting!) in dappled shade in the peaceful Hampshire countryside was such a treat.

Our walk ended at the flint walled Ellisfield Church which is a typical of old buildings in this part of the country where chalk is the underlying ground. The Church was altered by the Victorians (including the addition of the tower) but the main substance of the building has been there since the 13th Century (with some evidence of a previous, Norman, structure too).

Click here to find out more about using flint as a building material. The nearby fields are full of flints, most much bigger than a man’s fist. It’s a wonder crops grow but they do – we saw grain crops and a field of broad beans as we walked.

Our other day out took us to the usually busy university city of Bristol: Relatively calm now but still quite noisy and retaining the buzz of being a place where creatives converge and enterprise abounds. We helped our youngest son collect together his belongings and leave the house he’s shared with friends. It is a very strange way to end four years of academic study. No farewell parties, graduation balls or ceremonies…

So, what have I been doing in my sewing room? Well! Mainly I’ve been preparing to launch my freshly revised and updated I-Spy Shadow Quilt pattern along with some carefully curated packs of novelty fabrics. This has involved sourcing a wide variety of novelty prints, ordering and waiting on deliveries followed by much rotary cutting and sorting of 5″ squares. All should be ready to go live in my Etsy shop on Monday. Readers of this blog will be the first to know 🙂

I’m determined to take the cover off my machine this weekend and enjoy some stitching. The big quilt is only partially quilted and awaiting my attention. Working on this UFO has given me a desire to root out some more UFOs to finish 🙂

Here are this week’s links into just some of the goodness the Worldwide Quilting Community has to offer (there are more links on my ‘Pins of the Week‘ Pinterest board):

And on topic…. Katy’s making an I-Spy quilt!

Isn’t it great when patchwork quilting combines with other hobbies and pastimes? Bernie reviews a book by Carol Dean Jones called ‘Beneath Missouri Stars’. It is the eleventh in Carol’s ‘Quilting Cozy’ mysteries series and includes a pattern to make the Missouri Star quilt of the title. Bernie has struck up a friendship with Carol and the two of them have collaborated to create a fabric kit to make the quilt. The blue fabrics they’ve chosen make a beautiful quilt.

I do like a scrappy string quilt. Cynthia has just finished a string quilt top and she’s played with colour and design to take this scrap-busting block to a new level!

The Worldwide Quilting Community is full of generous people. Carole of ‘From My Carolina Home’ has to be one of the most generous and organised of givers. In this post she shares how she spent a day filling gift bags for a refuge charity, the Safelight Project. There is so  much organisation that goes into filling these gift bags, sourcing contents, reaching out to the Quilting Community for homemade glasses and tissue cases and delivering the bags in these times of pandemic restrictions.

A beautifully photographed tutorial is well worth bookmarking/pinning until you need it. The ‘How to Insert an Exposed Zipper‘ on the Suzy Quilts website is definitely one I’ve chosen to file carefully so I can find it when I face my fear of inserting zippers!

As a beginners class teacher I’m wowed by Linda’s design for a beginners quilt with a very modern twist… Permission to be just a little bit disappointed that I didn’t come up with the idea? 😉

Happy Stitching!


10 thoughts on “Saturday Quilting Bring and Share (110)

  1. So glad you got your birthday walk!
    I am just not sure about modern quilts at the moment and am really enjoying learning the traditional designs. I have just finished a table runner for friends who have a ruby wedding anniversary next week. We are looking forward to sitting in their garden with two other couples and enjoying a glass of something delicious together. We will be taking our own glasses!

    • A table runner is a lovely anniversary gift. Presumably there was some red fabric to mark a Ruby Anniversary? Which block(s) did you use to make the runner?
      It’s taken me a long time to like and actually want to make modern style quilts. Most of my ‘modern’ designs are a twist on a traditional block or layout and I still enjoy making traditional blocks – especially stars.

  2. Belated wishes for a Happy Birthday, Allison. Your countryside looks beautiful and I love the old church. How sad for your son without good-byes, hugs, well wishes to and from friends. These times are sure different than a year ago!


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