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The weather here in the UK has been quite extraordinary. This has been the sunniest Spring on record and the driest May following on from the wettest February. The plants in my garden have never grown so well. Of course after two very dry months in succession the ground is drying out fast. As well as seeing the garden in it’s prime all this sunshine has given me so many delightful early mornings in my sewing room. All Winter long the sun never reaches through the window in my room, then in March the first early morning rays give a slither of gold on the wall next to the window. Now, nearing mid-Summer, the sun stretches far into my room, making it my early morning happy place πŸ™‚

Not that there has been a ton of sewing going on this past week! What with putting the finishing touches to my Four Patch Dash pattern and watering the garden!

Anyhow! I did finish the dark green blocks for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge.

I’ve made two 12″ blocks for each of the colours along with 1-4 smaller blocks depending on the number of 2Β½” squares I’d cut at the start of the month. I put a block from each month up on the design wall with a colour wheel to hi-light the gaps in the rainbow.

The Rainbow Scrap Challenge colour for June is pink – not a go-to colour of mine but my collection of RSC blocks could do with an injection of warmth, so pink is good πŸ™‚

Finding pink scraps for the June Rainbow Scrap Challenge won’t be a problem!

Here are some links into the Worldwide Quilting Community – all very worthy distractions from your housework!:

Christina Cameli has been sharing some wonderfully relaxing free motion drawing tutorials on Instagram. I’ve come across a few in my daily scrolling and always enjoy them. You don’t need to use Instagram to view the 10 minute tutorials, just click this link. Christina is full of FMQ ideas and demonstrates how to move around a space on a quilt (or a white board!) filling in awkward gaps as the pattern expands.

In last week’s Saturday Quilting Bring & Share I got distracted by a machine binding technique. Laura kindly added a link to a tutorial about binding quilts by Rob of Man Sewing. He shares lots of tips and his favourite binding tools including a ruler – I’ve never seen one of these used before, it could be a game changer if the thought of joining the ends of binding with a bias seam sends you into a flat spin!

Hum! Do you have a subscription with the Bluprint or have a library of classes bought when Bluprint was Craftsy? I have some Craftsy classes which I found really helpful and occasionally dip into for a refresher. Bluprint has announced it is shutting down. There’s a lot of confusion both for subscribers who wonder if access to classes will be lost despite the ‘lifetime’ guarnatee and tutors wondering if they’ll lose the rights to their work. Find out more in this Craft Industry Alliance post – there are a lot of comments!

Rona has some suggestions for supporting local quilt shops even if our budgets have been squeezed by lock-down.

I really like Stephanie’s flower design patchwork block. She’s evenΒ  managed to give her flowers patchwork stems – not an applique stitch in sight!

Finishing with a view down The Long Walk to a rather hazy view of Windsor Castle. Not a random photo but a record of a trip out we made yesterday to meet our lovely daughter and dear son-in-law (first time we’ve seen them since January). Confession to a bending of the social distancing rules as we did meet 2-2 rather than the 1-1. We did maintain our distances from each other and the many other individuals and family groups enjoying Windsor Great Park!

Linking with Cynthia at Quilting is More Fun than Housework for the Oh! Scrap! linky. This week Cynthia has embarked on a new quilt to commemorate 100 years of women in USA having the right to vote.

Happy Stitching!



8 thoughts on “Saturday Quilting Bring and Share (109)

  1. Sunshine in the sewing room…so wonderful!

    Thanks for the link to Christina’s fun fmq tutorials! I am not on Instagram, but I could watch the tutorials anyway. πŸ™‚

    • I’m glad you can access the fmq tutorials. I find them very relaxing to watch. I can almost imagine Christina is in the middle of a Yoga session! I certainly wouldn’t attempt sitting on the floor the way she does – not unless there was a hoist parked nearby! πŸ˜€

    • Thank you! I was surprised how well the blocks fitted in with each other up on the design wall. In my head the colours of the blocks all seemed quite discordant. The colour wheel helped me see them working together. There’s hope for this Rainbow Scrap Challenge quilt!

    • Thank you for hosting the linky Cynthia πŸ™‚ I’m not quilt sure how I’m going to put all the blocks together… I might try and make a colour wheel or maybe shift from warm to cool… It’ll be fun getting them all on the design wall to play around with the layout.

  2. I love Christina Cameli, she is just so easy to listen to and understand. I have 4 of her dvd’s that I bought from Craftsy, which I am very glad about now! I have classes and patterns too, so I hope that they sort something out. I also have the binding tool ruler that rob uses, in large and mini, if you want to borrow it. The rainbow scrap blocks are looking great πŸ™‚

    • Thanks for taking time to comment Jo πŸ™‚ The internet really is a great resource for us patchwork quilters isn’t it? I’m hoping I can access the courses I bought from Craftsy too – I learned FPP from a course by Carol Doak – she’s like a very patient, cuddly Aunt guiding us step by step through the process! Thanks for the offer of trying out the binding rulers. I wouldn’t mind having a go, just to see if they are something I could recommend in Beginners Classes.


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