Saturday Quilting Bring and Share (106)

Welcome to Saturday Quilting Bring & Share 🙂 Bring along your projects to a virtual sewing day where we can share in some of the inspiring projects, ideas and tips published by other members of our Worldwide Quilting Community. Do add your thoughts, ideas and links in the comments box at the bottom of this page. Thank you!

How has your week been? On Friday we had a welcome change to our lock-down rut when we joined in with activities organised to commemorate the 75th anniversary of VE Day. Neighbours in our Close rallied together to hold a doorstep tea party. Social distancing rules were observed as we decorated our houses with flags and bunting before moving tables and chairs into our front gardens. It was so cheering to see everyone, to chat and enjoy a complete change from the lock-down routine. I posted photos and some thoughts on VE Day in this post.

Have you made progress with any sewing projects through the past week? One of my secret sewing projects is finished and ready to be gifted – hopefully I’ll be able to share it with you very soon 🙂

I’ve machine stitched the binding to the front of the second secret sewing project so it’s all ready for the hand sewing…

This month’s Rainbow Scrap Challenge colour is Dark Green. I hunted through my bin of green scraps and found a few dark fabrics. Most of my greens are lime or chartreuse. These dark greens are not really speaking to me at the moment, maybe because they seem so unseasonal? Anyhow, I will cut out the necessary 2½” squares and stitch them together as my leader & enders through the rest of this month.

And so to this week’s links into quilty inspiration from around the World:

Over at Meadow Mist Designs the Favourite Finishes of the Month link up provides a wonderfully inspiring gallery of quilts. I was particularly struck by a sampler quilt in bold colours that manages – to my eye anyway – to show the bridge between traditional and modern patchwork styles. I wonder which of quilt finishes will catch your eye if you choose to click the link?

Susan has written a tutorial to guide us through Foundation Paper Piecing using Freezer Paper. She says it is her favourite method of FPP. I’m trying to get my head round it – not because Susan’s tutorial isn’t clear just because it’s something I definitely need to learn with a ‘hands on’ session.

Have you cottoned on to the ‘Designer Tips & Techniques Virtual Show’? It’s been running through this past week. Each day a whole host of patchwork designers have been sharing their patchwork quilting know-how via 15 minute Facebook live sessions. What a wonderful wealth of experience to tap into! Jo at The Crafty Nomad took part (she shared her Foundation Paper Piecing tips) and listed all the Facebook lives on her website. And the great thing is, if you click over the the designers’ Facebook pages you’ll find recordings of their tips and technique tutorials so it’s not too late to dive-in 🙂

Carole Lyles Shaw is converting some of her popular workshops into virtual workshops. She explains how to sign up for a class on her blog. Have you enrolled in an online patchwork workshop because of the social distancing restrictions or just because it’s more convenient to take part at home?

Rebecca explains her muscle-memory methods for improving the quality of free motion quilting. Although her post is titled ‘Using Stencils to Develop Muscle Memory for Long-Arm Quilting – Part One‘, I’m sure the process Rebecca describes can be applied to FMQ on a domestic machine.

Christa Watson has not only been designing out of her comfort zone but has also selected neutral fabrics from her own collections for the quilt she made to illustrate her new pattern. I’m really taken by the ‘Interlink’ design and the fabrics. Christa’s pattern is in the current edition of the online magazine, Make Modern, and fabric kits are available from her website.

Cynthia at Quilting is More Fun Than Housework has been working with green scraps too. I’m joining in with the ‘Oh! Scrap!’ link up she runs each week on her blog 🙂

Happy Stitching!



8 thoughts on “Saturday Quilting Bring and Share (106)

  1. My favorite finish from the link that you shared is Hope is Like a Feather by Stitchin at Home. What a great fmq project! Thanks for leading me to it, Allison! 🙂

    • That ‘Hope is Like a Feather’ is just beautiful isn’t it? I first spied a photo of it on Instagram. I’m glad it’s being shared via blog links too along with Cindy’s explanation of how she stitched her very first whole cloth quilting design. Quite amazing!

  2. Nice job on preparing to work through your Dark GREEN scraps as leader/enders! Thank you for those valuable quilt links within your post. Christa pattern in lovely and I have a feeling that Rebecca’s longarm info will be SEW valuable!

  3. Following the trail begun by some of your links here I browsed happily for half an hour or so and found Paula Steel’s “Modern Rainbow Patchwork Quilts” Well how could I be without it? A beginner’s book and I fell in love with a really simple pattern. It arrived really fast and now I can’t decide which pattern to go for first! My husband calls it a “first world problem” 😏. Thank you for the inspiration x


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