Quilters Color Quest: 8. Context

Context: The next challenge in the Quilters Color Quest organised by Rachel Hauser author of ‘The Quilter’s Field Guide to Color’.

The Cambridge Dictionary defines ‘context’ as:

the situation within which something exists or happens, and that can help explain it…

Most examples of how to use the word ‘context’ are geared towards words and ideas, obviously for the Quilter’s Color Quest we are thinking fabrics and how they relate to one another on a quilt top. The swatch challenge involved grouping shades, tones and tints of a colour around a swatch deemed to be the pure, classic hue (colour). I had a go with Apple Green, Blackberry and Sapphire. Our perceptions of a colour will alter depending on the other colours around it….  To my eye the Apple Green is a cool colour. The yellow-green ‘Spring’ swatch makes the ‘Apple’ green look very cool whereas the cool grey-green ‘Fern’ transforms the Apple making it seem warm. Does your perception of any of the colours change as you look at swatches around them?

Having shown how the perception of a colour is influenced by the colours adjacent to it, Rachel then introduced the patchwork challenge: ‘to try to re-imagine a fabric that you struggle to use, by giving it a new context’.

I’ve got to admit I lost my way with this challenge! I may have ended up just playing with fabrics and not really experimenting with context. I did try combinations that went beyond my first instincts; some work, some are a bit iffy!

I tried teaming squares of a pale floral fabric first with a blue fabric and then with a brown. I wondered if the the blue would make the floral fabric look ‘cold’ and the brown make it appear ‘warm’. I can’t really see I proved a point either way but I’m happy to have two more Bear Paw blocks to add to my growing collection! 😉

Making the Bear Paw challenge blocks provided an incentive to finally finish quilting the Black Coffee in Bed quilt so I could convert my sewing machine settings from quilting to piecing. I really did enjoy piecing the 6½” blocks after a week of moving a large and heavy quilt under the machine needle 🙂

I’m adding to #quilterscolorquest and #quiltersfieldguidetocolor over on Instagram and linking with Kelly for Needle and Thread Thursday. Kelly is busy cutting and sorting her fabric scraps.


2 thoughts on “Quilters Color Quest: 8. Context

    • That’s interesting. I found this challenge hard to pin down but I’m going to think more about how fabrics change in relation to each other as I choose them for projects.


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