Quilter’s Color Quest: 3. Emotion

Challenge three of the Quilter’s Color Quest looks at using emotion to guide fabric choice. The Quest is organised by Rachel Hauser over at Stitched in Color, using her book The Quilter’s Field Guide to Color and the 150 colour swatches to build an understanding of colour in relation to the fabrics we choose and use.

These blocks are my fabric interpretations of three emotions. Can you figure out what they are? Explanations below 🙂

Of all the Quest challenges this must surely be the most subjective: using colour to reflect or evoke an emotion. In the book Rachel provides space to play with the swatches and produce collections to represent three emotions. I must confess to being a bit nervous about this challenge. Subjectivity makes me uneasy but having re-read the section in the book and then read through Rachel’s blog post I was reassured that using emotions to choose colours and fabrics will inevitably involve influences such as learnt cultural norms alongside personal associations and experiences.

Here are my Quilter’s Color Quest Emotion Bear Paw blocks.

First: ‘Fear’. Recently I have experienced fear almost rising to panic as I’ve been doing grocery shopping. The colours I’ve chosen are nature’s danger signals – think poisonous creatures and plants!

Second: ‘Peace’. A complete contrast to fear and for me found in the eternal reassurances of God’s Word. The colours are chosen to correspond to a soft sunrise, thinking of Lamentations 3:22 which is the inspiration of my blog name, New Every Morning Patchwork & Quilting.

Third: ‘Joy’. Not so sure about this one… I just want to try and encapsulate that feeling of hope and security and thankfulness that goes deeper than transient personal happiness. However up or down my feelings the sky will still be blue, the sun will shine bright yellow and there will be beautiful flowers in abundance!

My Word for 2020 icon by Allison ReidPhew! I got through the emotion Color Quest challenge: definitely an intensely personal project but somehow good to share. If you use Instagram do check out the hashtag #quilterscolorquest to see the variety of colour combinations people have used to encapsulate an emotion.

Linking with Kelly for Needle and Thread Thursday – Kelly has some great tips on making face masks – and Alycia for Finished (Or Not) Friday – Alycia has been piecing 2½” squares to make a Quilt of Valor.


This morning we went to virtual Church for a contemplative Service concentrating on the events of Jesus’ Crucifixion. Our Minister looked at the double irony contained in the words and actions of those who mocked Jesus on that first Good Friday. On Sunday we will be celebrating Jesus’ resurrection and the sure hope of eternal salvation brought to all who turn to Him. I invite you to join us or one of the many other Christian Easter Day services being streamed by Churches all around the world.


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